10 Detoxifying Foods You Need to Know Right Now

Detoxification is a process which converts toxins within a body to less toxic or excretable substances. Though getting over processed and unnatural foods is...
Balance Exercises

Balance Exercises: Don’t Fall 4 Exercises For People With Balance Issues

Fear of falling haunts many people, especially senior citizens. So what can be done to improve balance? Since balance issues don't all come from...
Tens Unit

How To Benefit The Most From Using A TENS Unit

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines are part of pain management programs found only in medical institutes as they were too costly for home...
Depression Signs

Depression Signs You Need To Know

Depression Signs? It’s normal to feel and sad when things are not going well or when grieved. It’s all part of human nature to...
Work Stress

How to Manage Work Stress

Work Stress? Workplace stress is inevitable. It may affect you because of the pressure to perform, meet tight deadlines, excessive workload or simply having...
Best ways to remember things

Best ways to remember Anythings

In these hectic, technology-driven days, it’s easy to forget little details… like your dental appointment or to bring a gift for a co-worker’s birthday. ...
Life Habits

Life Habits That Make You Unhealthy (And How to Fix Them)

There are some habits that are detrimental to your health over time. These habits affect your health slowly, and you only realize when it...

‘Migraine’ And The Things You Should Know About It Before Visiting A Clinic

A migraine is a chronic disease that is equally difficult to suffer, ‘the unbearable pain that feels like a nail struck hard with a...
Oil Pulling

Beginners Guide To Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a long-lived Ayurveda technique which was first described 5000 years ago in ancient texts. It is one of many ayurvedic techniques...

How And Why You Should Clean Your Earbuds

When you clean your earbuds you are not only cleaning them from the earwax but you also take care of your ear hygiene. In...

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