Tracking App

How to Spot a Tracking App on Your Phone

Tracking apps have become common in this day and age. Millions of people have aired their concerns regarding their privacy. It is frightening to...

Top 10 Best-looking Smartphones in 2016

With 2016 coming to end let's take a look on the best smartphones for this year, Smartphones aren't just about display, performance, camera or battery...
Secret Photo Vault review

Secret Photo Vault Review: Keep Your Photos & Videos Safe

Camera devices have been marginalized with the out surge of mobile phone devices. Today common user prefers mobile cameras over any specific camera device...
ultdata review

Tenorshare UltData Review

Best iPhone 7/7s Plus Photo Recovery 2017 Data loss can happen always because of some wrong operation. Many iOS users have trapped in losing iPhone...
best entertainment apps

5 Best Entertainment apps

Have you ever had a few hours to kill while waiting for a flight or waiting to see your doctor when you wished that...
Must Have Accessories for iPhone 7

5 Must Have Accessories for iPhone 7

There’s no denying that the iPhone 7 is the hottest smartphone of the moment. It has a good battery life, a terrific 12-megapixel camera,...

5 Essential Ways to Protect Your Mobile Devices from Security Threats

Mobile devices are just as vulnerable to malware and other hacking attempts as a standard computer; in fact, these devices may be more vulnerable,...
Best apps to make friends and meet new people 5 Best things

Best Apps to Make Friends and Meet New People

Have you reached a point in your life where you have drifted apart from your old friends? Maybe you’ve moved to new city and...

Concerns After Pokémon Go Players Crossed Canada-US Border Illegally

For sure, the Pokémon Go has continued to grow in its popularity among the youth. At the moment, there have been incidences reported concerning...
Best Accessories for iPhone

Five Best Accessories for Your iPhone

Being connected to our iPhones has become a way of life, so it’s not surprising companies have come out with a few cool accessories...

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