5 Uplifting Ways Look at President Donald Trump

Uplifting Ways Look at President Donald Trump

Let’s not fall prey to our own prejudices and predictable paranoia about politics which has been far too trivial to us in terms of choosing a side and rabid team loyalty. If you’re even vaguely paying attention to world events and the political trends that instigated our current state of chaos and cash flow problems, you should understand that there is no longer a Democratic Party and Republicans are a belligerent, bombastic collection of half wits and public personalities who are really just third rate entertainers whose radio shows or forum on Fox is nothing more than huff and puff. The Jeb Bush, Sanatorium side show ( Lets legislate American orifices) and Corrupt cartoon Chris Christie are like the freaking 3 stooges for God’s sake. Things could actually be worse. One of them or Hillary could be running the country.

1They may not be you or me, but many Americans were behind Trump.

It is difficult to believe Trump is any better, but a lot of American voters seem to disagree because apparently, Trump drew in many thousands of salt of earth Americans when he held a rally. Hillary couldn’t drag out 100 supporters without Bruce Springsteen or Bob Jovi on the bill. Trump pulled in people all by his lonesome. His photo is proudly displayed on lawns and the vote was pretty explicitly weighted in his favor when the polls were being counted in election night. Unlike the liberals in Facebook who denounced my choice, Green Party hopeful Jill Stein, the Trump thumpers aren’t attacking the other parties who were not even afforded the courtesy of a debate invitation or media coverage unless they were arrested for opposing evil in South Dakota. They were behind him all along, and it’s hard to fathom that unless one considers that Jeb Bush, an old school Republican in the family that brought us the way of the knife. There’s still not a lot of logical evidence to support Trump, much less his often disconcerting blurts and behavior but let’s consider concrete reasons why his victory may indeed be a cause for celebration.

2Bernie Saunders Scammed Out of Run by You Know Who

We had our man in Bernie and not even the most pernicious and vociferous right ringing it big mouth had much to sayagainst the man beyond chastising his socialist sensibilities. That tired hyperbole may work on a nation fat on n American Dream but in the Oligarchy or Plutocracy, were wealth is so disparate and wantonly being stolen from the people with their government accommodating the thieves, socialism sounds damned good. Maybe Rush Limbaugh’s rabid old fans buy into that Cold War clap trap and worry about terrorists and capitalism more than making ends meet, but they’re the elderly throwbacks from the America we’ve lost. You don’t get a gold watch when you retire and the rags to riches cliches are far and few between. When Bernie ran, we had a chance for change. I don’t mean liberals alone, I mean Americans. We had him and he would have won this thing if the election was not rigged in the Democratic run off.

The blatant cheating was egregious but virtually unchallenged by media, the Democrats and the people who voted. Who stole his chance to run and cheated Americans out of their constitutional rights? Hillary. She had smugly employed the tactic which would be far easier to do in that election and we know that because it’s happened before. The trusted oversight at the polls can be corrupted, bamboozled, disrupted, deceived or whatever and there was plenty of reason to challenge that election unless of course you were Donald Trump. He knew he had no hope of beating Bernie and so did Hillary, which is why she cheated. Moreover, she used her billionaire boosters to facilitate the scam and still did a pretty sloppy job because we caught on and so did the media. If she can’t even do something underhanded and evil with the billionaire boys club on her side, how well can she run this country?

3Crisis of Character in the Clinton Clan

A recent memoir by a secret service agent who protected Bill Clinton during his presidency offers some compelling insights about why Hillary and Bill are the last thing America needs. While the narrative is overtly sanitized and conspicuously timed with its patriotic overkill about integrity and middle class values, the gossip shared about the power couple is remarkably persuasive because it rings true as does the writer’s sanctimonious yet astute evaluation of the man and woman he saw in ways few of us or even the Whitehouse insiders at the time ever would. With this said , most of us have observed Hillary in various situations over the years that betrayed her mean spirited, controlling nature. Her expressions are searing indictments of the motives and priorities she has and nothing about those serve the people.

From her hypocritical assaults on Monica Lewinsky, an intern who was sexually harassed according to definition of a new law Hillary fought to pass just before the scandal broke to the catty whispers she was overheard making during her first run at office to the FBI investigation of her emails that provoked an all out war against the agent doing his job like he’s supposed to, Hillary has proven that she is more interested in controlling the scandalous revelations that explode around her and her philandering hubby than she is in protecting Americans from terrorists, injustice, poverty and pollution. What substance did she offer to any of the issues the average American is concerned about? Not much and her covert appeals to voters were not subtle in their purpose or pretenses.

4Cronyism, Corruption, Covert Collusion, Crushing Supporters

An overbearing series of emails were sent to American teachers the last two weeks by union leader Randi Weingarten, a long time Clinton supporter and two faced Judas who has betrayed members of the union while using their dues to further her political ambitions. Weingarten has been cavorting with the anti-teacher test mad privatizers for years, attending cocktail parties at Eli Broads ostentasious LA mansion, accepting charter schools and donations from Bill Gates and thumping the dreaded common core which has proven itself to be an expensive, traumatic burden for children and the final straw for some educators who were resigning from teaching jobs in protest because they felt the test heavy curriculum tortured their students. Protests by parents and prime time comics scathing mockery have only slowed its insidious inclusion in the nations cookie cutter vision for public education.

Weingarten was set to become secretary of the DOE with Hillary’s appointment and the emails were pathetic efforts to harness the teachers’ vote. Pointing to his sexism in an annoying feminist ploy that expects us to believe little girls are traumatized for life by his remark about female nether regions and breast cup size, Weingarten was right to assume teachers were likely to vote Democratic despite the Obama administration’s Race to the Top, corrupt machinations to protect Kevin Johnson who admitted to inappropriate relationships with students at his charter school and is suspected of bilking Sacramento of large sums of money. Married to Michelle Rhee, teachers’ most loathsome enemy, Johnson was saved by Obama who illegally terminated the city’sOIG for investigating the Mayor.

The rampant cronyism inherent with the neo liberal reign of error are outright violations of the commonly understood codes of conduct we employ in politics and ordinary life.

So unchecked, so shameless, so power mad and impervious to consequences, Hillary, like Obama, like Bill Clinton, like the billionaires who bought them, is mad as a hatter sipping laudanum laced tea. While she is battling tabloid windmills and paranoid political threats, Americans will still be facing low wages from sketchy big business employers who dodge obligations to pay for HMOs and refuse to treat their workers with dignity. We will be homeless in larger numbers than ever, less likely to own a home, unable to repay our student loans, be victimized by Big Pharma pushers urging doctors to prescribe us medications that make us much sicker than we were before they were prescribed. Frankenstein food, TOXIC spillover from reckless unchecked industries and the war machine will mangle and crush out the lives of many more of us as our ozone, earth and weather turn more hostile. She supports big business, war all the time and test factories that make education reformers wealthier which means she doesn’t care about the children your village is trying to raise or the struggle working class Americans are forced to make daily in an effort to survive .

5Though it seems like Trump is an ugly and unfortunate

if not an unlikely choice for leader, we must not discount his transparency and gall which were in abundance throughout this election. His ignorance about many matters was comical and concerning at times, but one assumes many things in conversations when they’re uninformed on a topic. It’s human nature to make it up as we go along, and nine times out of ten, we can get away with that. That’s unlikely with millions watching you and your opponent latching on to every errant phrase you utter. Trump is not like the billionaires behind Hillary, who made their vaster fortunes by very questionable methods that ultimately have terrible ramifications for most of us. He is an impudent, impulsive, often idiotic incumbent with an awful brand of arrogance, an indulgent lifestyle and a politically incorrect bent that gets folks’ panties in a bunch. He’s no Honest Abe Lincoln, but it’s difficult to deny that what you see is what you get, and after the Obama ordeal of Hope and Change, Trump won’t be able to disappoint us. Heck, he may even provide a few pleasant surprises.