10 Best Airports In The World


Let’s be honest, airports are not the best places to be. They are stressful and fast-paced and usually include things not many people enjoy: waiting, security checks and interrupted plans are just a few.

Whether we like them or not, airports are now becoming a big part of our lives. With increased travel and far-flung friends and family, we’ll have to spend some time in airports in the coming years. So if you do have to spend time in an airport, consider trying to spend that time in the following 10 airports, which have been rated the best in the world!

9Vancouver International Airport

Ranked top by Skytrax and also by staff, the Vancouver International Airport is the least busy airport in this list, but still ranks high for several reasons. Visitors to the airport are treated to a large and varied collection of Pacific Northwest native art and volunteers, known as the green coat ambassadors, help travellers find their way about in the airport.


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