With technological advancements every day, drones have become an essential part of an emerging business.

There are numerous drone apps in the market that can help you whether you want to measure the volume of the stockpile or curate a report of your building site or analyze the state of your cultivation or check the weather forecast or find out what hazards are in the vicinity.

Wondering which drone app to choose for your Android phone?

Drone apps can be either free or paid.

Here is a curated list of the 10 best drone apps for Android to help you fly.

1. Google Earth

Price: Free

There are regulations to fly your drones.

Flying a commercial drone near airports, prisons, and military bases are prohibited.

So it is important to check whether it’s safe and legal to fly your drone in that place. Before even your drone leaves the ground, you need to map a safe route. Google Earth helps to find exceptional places to fly your drone. If you have not got one for yourself you can get it from Drone and Fly. This app can be installed for free from Google Play Store and is available on the web as well.

2. Airmap

Price: Free

The Airmap app has been developed to make drone flying operations safer by uniting the UAV pilots to the airport operators and air traffic controllers.

Airmap has many additional features rather than just mapping a flight location or helping you keep a log of your flight. This application is supported by recognized companies like Microsoft and Qualcomm.

A press release in April 2018 claimed that the application has been upgraded and has extra functionalities to control a DJI drone. It has built-in functionality to fly drones like the DJI Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and more. This app can be installed for free from Google Play Store on your android device.

3. Litchi

Price: $24.99

Many alternative apps in the market can take control of the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Spark, DJI Phanom series. If you looking for a good DJI application and some new functionalities, Litchi is the best choice. It offers effective autonomous tracking features that are excellent for filming videos.

Although this is a paid application, $24.99 is quite a good deal for getting unique features like these are at your fingertip.

4. Hover

Price: Free

Hover tells you whether it is safe to fly your drone.

In addition to providing mapping and location information, it also gives information about weather conditions.

This app can be installed for free from Google Play Store on your android device. This app is a must-try! Some of the key features of the Hover app are:

  • International no-fly zone areas
  • Current weather conditions and forecasts, with a detailed breakdown of wind speed and direction of rain and temperature
  • Flight Logs
  • Flight Readiness Indicator

5. Drone Deploy

Price: Free

Drone Deploy is a comprehensive mapping tool. It is the leading drone software platform in the market today with unlimited flying, mapping, and sharing features.

The app provides premium flight planning and autonomous control of the drone.

You can select a path of coordinates and sit back and watch your drone fly the route. You can also have better control of your drone through the app control camera exposure during the flight.

You can get so many premium functionalities at free of cost.

6. UAV Forecast

Price: Free

UAV Forecast entirely focuses on weather conditions. It provides accurate wind and weather information that will help you to analyze whether it is safe to fly the drone. It has a very simple user interface.

All you need to do is provide the parameters of your drone into the app and it will revert back within seconds whether the whether is appropriate for flying the drone or not. The app has a range of in-built piloting information consisting of wind speed and direction, temperature, cloud cover, visibility, and more. This app can be installed for free from Google Play Store on your android device.

7. Pix4Dcloud

Price: Free

Pix4Dcloud is a drone flight planning app for effective 3D mapping and 3D modeling of data. It has been designed to enable professionals to create high-quality 2D and 3D data through the application of aerial imagery.

This app can be useful in industry verticals like surveying and construction sites. There are a variety of add-ons available with the app like Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dmodel, Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dfields, and Pix4Dengine. Although this app is free, the software behind it is not.

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8. Kittyhawk

Price: Free

Kittyhawk helps companies to manage a drone program ensuring that it will be safe, compliant, and reliable.

It is a one-stop app that has a wide variety of in-built features from mission planning to weather details and safety checks during the flight. It helps in both pre-flight checks and post-flight analysis.

This app can be used to check airspace and weather, run safety checklists and risk assessments pre-flight, sync data from DJI aircraft, encrypt real-time audio and video streaming any many more purposes.

This app can be installed for free from Google Play Store on your android device.

9. Coverdrone FlySafe

Price: Free

Coverdrone FlySafe powered by Altitude Angel has been specially designed to maintain safety during the flight.

The app provides accurate safety information about airspace maps, dynamic restrictions, weather conditions, privacy and safety hazards, and aviation traffic. The primary features of the app include airspace restrictions, ground hazard information, area report, alerts, and feedbacks. This app can be installed for free from Google Play Store on your android device.

10. Tesla Magnetic Field Recorder

Price: Free

Tesla Magnetic Field Recorder detects, measures, and records magnetic fields and metal objects that are near or on the path of the flight. This app is very useful for drone pilots because if there is any magnetic activity near your location, it can prevent the drone from threatening operations.

You can even share any disturbances recorded to aware others. This app can be installed for free from Google Play Store on your android device.

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