No one likes getting a ticket, but they are handed out frequently. Knowing the top reasons someone may get a ticket may help drivers avoid one, as they can make sure they won’t make mistakes while they’re driving. Below are some of the top reasons drivers get tickets. 

1. Speeding

Speeding is one of the biggest reasons drivers get tickets. Only a few miles per hour over the limit is enough to get a speeding ticket, and fighting a speeding ticket can be difficult without the right help. In construction or school zones, speeding fines could be doubled, leading to huge fines for those going well over the speed limit. 

2. Driving Too Slow

While speeding is unsafe, so is driving too slow. Many places have minimum speed limits, and even when there isn’t one, there are more broad laws that can apply. It’s always better to stick with the flow of traffic, as driving too slow can lead to accidents. 

3. Not Wearing a Seat Belt

It has been proven that seat belts save lives, but some people still do not wear them. If this happens, and an officer sees it, the driver is likely to get a ticket. Always wear a seat belt when driving to easily avoid this ticket. 

4. Not Stopping Completely

At stop signs and red lights, it’s important to come to a complete stop. Even if a turn on red is allowed, drivers must stop before turning to make sure the road is clear. Failing to stop completely at a stop sign or light can cause an accident. 

5. Not Using Turn Signals

Turn signals are intended to let other drivers know what the driver will do. If the driver doesn’t use a turn signal, it could lead to an accident. Turn signals are needed when turning and when switching lanes to help other drivers know what to expect. 

6. Not Stopping for Pedestrians

Pedestrians do have the right of way in numerous situations, such as crossing at a crosswalk when they have the cross signal. When someone is crossing the road, if a driver goes through the crosswalk, they can get a ticket for not yielding to the pedestrian. 

7. Not Stopping for a School Bus

Drivers must stop for school buses for the safety of all children getting on or off the bus. Drivers should be aware of local laws for school buses and make sure they stop when appropriate to let children cross the road or get on and off the bus. 

8. Tailgating

When a driver is too close to the car in front of them and the car in front slams on their brakes, an accident is likely to occur. For this reason, it’s imperative drivers keep a safe driving distance from the vehicle in front of them. The amount of distance needed depends on road conditions and the speed limit, as it takes longer to stop at higher speeds or when the road is wet. 

9. Distracted Driving

Drivers who are distracted while driving have the potential to receive a ticket. The most common reason for this is using a cell phone while driving, but it could include anything that distracts the driver, such as eating while driving. 

10. Equipment Violation 

Faulty equipment or other violations can lead to a “fix it” ticket, where the driver will receive a ticket unless they provide proof the issue was corrected. This can include windows tinted too dark, cracked windshields, missing side mirrors, or other issues with the vehicle. 

If you’ve been driving and received a ticket, learn more about how to fight a speeding ticket now. Be careful when driving and avoid all of the above when on the road to help prevent getting pulled over or getting a ticket. 

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