College studies can be tiresome, but they are always exciting. However, it is wrong to assume that once school hours finish, you stop learning. Education lasts into your free time as well.

Whatever you like to do – your hobbies and interests require continuous education. You can’t be good at doing something unless you dedicate your time and efforts to it. But, what can be more inspiring than new knowledge and skills after all?

Fortunately, we now have lots of resources to learn for free in our leisure time. The Internet has made it easier to access the information, should you only have a desire to study more. Whether you need academic help from a site or you learn just for fun, there are respective web platforms for you.

In this article, we will list a few educational websites for you to use to advance your knowledge and gain new skills. Read ahead!

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a platform for studying various topics that offers online courses free of charge. Here, you can learn everything from Accounting and Economics to Engineering and Behavioral Psychology. The website collaborates with the world’s most recognized educational institutions, so the reliability of materials is undoubtful.

The website is great for both people looking for an online degree course and amateurs seeking extra knowledge. The interface is very simple but friendly and allows easy navigation through dozens of programs offered.


Udemy online courses is one of the most popular educational platforms existing today. It has materials on every subject and discipline you might need for leisure, school, or work. Some courses are available for free, but others require payment.

Luckily, you can choose programs based on learners’ feedback and description. For example, courses provided by reputable universities can be free unless you need a certificate. Courses offered by industry experts often require payments.


This amazing website offers both paid and free courses to students and online learners throughout the world. Whatever your goal is, you can join Coursera and get powerful insight into the discipline.

Coursera is a half-free half-paid website. If you do not need a certificate, most courses will be free of charge for you. However, if you want to have proof of learning, it is most likely that you’ll have to pay for your course.


EdX is one of the strongest online educational platforms since it only accepts courses prepared by recognized organizations and institutions. EdX hosts online courses prepared by Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, and other universities.

You can enjoy some of the information for free, learning new topics, or filling the gaps. However, for more substantial knowledge and proof of it, you should pay.

Educational Websites

Future Learn

This web portal provides academic and skill-based learning to students. They can either refer to the material provided or take one of the free courses available. The website offers three components – learning materials, instruction, and video documentaries.

Students can find both college disciplines as well as some extra-curricular options to study. Future Learn collaborates with reputable institutions and organizations, so you do not have to worry about the quality of materials.

Internet Archive

You might be used to online educational platforms like those discussed above. Internet Archive is not     hing alike. It stores dozens of free books, movies, and other materials absolutely free of charge.

Isn’t it amazing that you access the originals of your favorite books in just a few clicks? This archive is recognized by most American libraries. It is being integrated with college libraries’ websites, so the collection is constantly updating.


Over 1,000 people work hard on the development of content for this website. The website aims to give authentic material to the students.

The approach these scientists take is creative and innovative. They look at things in a new way, helping students memorize things. Moreover, students get views from various experts that broadens their knowledge and perspective.


Some textbooks can be hard for students to understand because of their terminology and other stuff. This website is aimed at mitigating learning problems by making textbooks easier. The site can be used for reference, but its main goal is to provide academic help.

Brightstorm is especially helpful during exams because it offers condensed versions of the most popular textbooks. The website can really solve the problem thanks to its topic organization and easy-to-understand approach to learning materials.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational website with a coaching approach. It was created for students who cannot afford private tutoring but need to learn at their own pace. This platform takes into consideration individual learning needs. For example, students have a personalized panel to track their progress.

There are lots of subjects available to websites users, from Math to History and Economics. The lessons here are offered at different levels to fit kids from kindergarten as well as college students.

The Futures Channel

This educational website is a unique online portal for learners. Here you can find lots of examples of real-life problem solutions. For example, students having problems with algebra can find a solution and explanation for certain formulae in the special section on the website.

It does not offer courses or traditional learning materials. Instead, it supports the STEM approach and provides lots of videos and activities for you to find gaps in your knowledge and fill them in.

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Final Words

Undoubtedly, the Internet has opened lots of opportunities to learn and study without even leaving your home. The convenience of online programs and courses has also been proven during the pandemic times.

Educational websites and web portals function in a different manner. Some provide academic help, while others offer proper online programs that are equal to formal degrees. You should make a choice based on your educational needs.

For those looking for extra knowledge and fun, such websites promise an interesting journey into the unknown. Thanks to them, you can find information on whatever topic you like free of charge.

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