Most people use services like ClearVPN when they are at home. It stops other people snooping on you and allows you to use Torrent websites and platforms without people accusing you of copyright infringement (torrent use is more legitimate now than it ever was). However, some people forget that using VPN while abroad also has its benefits. Here are just ten VPN ideas you may use while you are out of the country.

1 – Use Local Wi-Fi Hot Spots Safely

You have probably heard that Wi-Fi hotspots are vulnerable to attack. A VPN service allows you to use local Wi-Fi hotspots safely. If you are abroad, then the same rules apply, you can use a VPN service to protect yourself while you are traveling.

2 – Get Around Local ISP Restrictions

Your country may like you researching the various historic places in certain countries, but countries are a little more sketchy about such things. For example, you may want to visit a battleground, and where you can find the website with instructions at home, you cannot find them while in the country where the battle happened. The local ISP is probably to blame, or it may be a national censorship issue. Either way, using VPN allows you to get around these restrictions and censorship.

3 – Use Websites From Your Own Country

Pick a server in your own country, for example – Amazone Prime, and you can use that website. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but when you want to check your bank balance, and you cannot find your bank website, you will be glad you have VPN services on your side.

4 – Communicate Through International Firewalls

A classic example of this is using WhatsApp in China. Try it, and you will be blocked like an eager beaver dam. However, put on your VPN service, pick a server in your own country, and suddenly your WhatsApp works again.

5 – Use Torrents to Share Files

Just like online gaming, internet service providers are a little nervous about allowing too much of it, and the same is true when you are sharing files with torrents. Overseas internet services make things even more difficult, even if you are using the same company you use at home. With a VPN service, nobody knows what you are doing, and so there are no internet speed bottlenecks or unfair emailed warnings.

6 – Avoid Data Use Bottlenecks and Restrictions

A data use bottleneck and/or restriction is placed onto your service by your ISP. They do it for many reasons, such as if they feel you are using too much internet, or feel you are mining bitcoin, or using web spiders, bots, and so forth. They will bottleneck your internet speeds to punish you for overusing their services when you should be paying for business internet when you are doing things like sharing, mining, etc. With VPN services, nobody knows what you are using the internet for, and so it is very difficult to justify restricting your internet use.

7 – Watch Your Own Country’s Version of a Streaming Service

Many streaming and video watching services are available overseas in a variety of different countries. Here are just a few examples:

  • HBO Max
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Sky

Even though you may be able to log onto those sites overseas, you may not be given your own programming. For example, you cannot sign up for Netflix and watch American Housewives shows if you are visiting the United Kingdom because the UK Netflix service doesn’t host the show. If you wanted to watch shows like that, you would have to use a VPN service, pick a server in your own country, and then log into your streaming service or video sharing service through your VPN service.

8 – Find Websites in Your Own Language

These days, if you find a result through Google, they will probably offer to translate the website for you. This is fine in some cases, but the fact is that even the powers that be in Google’s demonic headquarters are unable to create a perfect translation system. At best the translation is stunted, at worst it makes no sense. Use VPN, pick a server in your own country, and gain access to websites that were actually written in your home language.

9 – Play Games Without Your ISP Slowing You Down

Your home-based internet service provider is going to be a little uncomfortable with you gaming online for too long because they sometimes think it borders on unfair use of your unlimited internet. It is even worse when you are abroad, but if you use VPN services, then the ISP cannot figure out how much internet you are using and so have a harder time restricting your online gaming.

10 – Shop Online Even While in Other Countries

Let’s say you try to shop online while abroad. Even if you are using an international website like Amazon, all your web pages and all your suggestions are based on the country you are located in. However, if you use VPN services and pick a server in your own country, then using a website like Amazon is the same as if you were psychically at home right now.

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