Promotional gifts are a highly effective way to get your brand out there. But with so many different products to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones to go for. If you need some ideas, check out this list of the 10 most popular promotional products this 2020:

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Portable Chargers

In this day and age, almost everybody now owns a smartphone or tablet. That’s why offering a branded portable charger is a great idea. In fact, most consumers keep promotional portable chargers for two years or more.

Maven Watches

Minimalist watches brand inspired by modern architecture and the dynamic natural landscape interweave. its aesthetic boasts modern influence of architecture and nature⁠ with a dial finished in Maven Watches’s signature olive green and gold color scheme comes in petite size 28mm⁠. Perfect for smaller wrists with a delicate vintage appeal.⁠

Reusable Water Bottles

Clean drinking water may not always be available, so it’s best to bring a filled-up water bottle with you at all times. With this in mind, offering a free water bottle is a great way to encourage people to stay hydrated. You might also consider custom Nalgene Bottles as one of the best handy gifts in 2020.

Phone Accessories

Technology plays a big role in our everyday lives. Hence, promotional technology products & phone accessories are always a safe bet. You can place your brand on phone stands, earphone cases, and even phone cases, to name a few.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a far more durable alternative to plastic or paper bags. And because they’re literally blank canvases, they’re highly customizable, too. You could choose from screen-printed, heat-pressed, or even embroidered custom logo design.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is a very practical and portable product that can fit in the smallest of bags and pockets. And because they last for months, your client will see your logo regularly for quite a long time.

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T-shirts are a cheap but effective way of displaying your logo prominently. It’s a good idea to order unisex tees in the most popular sizes. That way, you can accommodate as many of your customers as possible.


Even with the growing popularity of digital notetaking, branded notebooks are still an incredibly effective promotional product. You can even bundle your notebook with a free branded pen for maximum brand exposure.

Hand Sanitizer

Keeping our hands clean is crucial to keeping illnesses at bay. Unfortunately, soap and water may not always be available. That’s why it’s a good idea for your company to give away travel-sized hand sanitizer with your branding on it.

Reusable Straws

Because plastic straws have been found to be harmful to the environment, reusable metal straws have become quite a popular trend among environmentally-conscious consumers. Try offering reusable metal straws with a customized carrying case or drawstring pouch.

Webcam Cover

With so many data breaches in recent years, people have started taking their cybersecurity much more seriously. This is where customized and branded webcam covers come in. Because people spend so much time looking at their screens every day, getting your brand onto people’s monitors is a big win.

When it comes to picking products for your giveaways, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list. As long as you match your promotional products to your target audience’s lifestyle and preferences, you can be sure they’ll actually keep and use your product for a long time.

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