10 Must-See Monumental Street Arts in Asia


For the past years, people consider street arts a form of vandalism. It is a form of visual art that can be both legal and illegal.

But as the world evolves, people finally accept that it is an expression of emotions. It depicts hope, suffering, and joy in the form of art. It is another medium for artists to share their talent with the public.

Nowadays, people around the world appreciate this kind of art. Tourists and art enthusiasts travel from country to country to see these beautiful pieces of art.

So, the next time you travel to Asia, here are ten monumental street arts for you to visit.

Bali, Indonesia

Canggu in Bali, Indonesia, was an agricultural village in the past years. It was then that it turned into a hotspot hippie surfer town.

Not only surfers flock in Canggu but as well musicians, artists, and poets. At first, you may notice different surfing cafes. But as you delve further into the town, you will discover a lot of impressive street arts. 

Most of them display distinctive styles that are authentic to the artists. Some street art artists are The Snake Hole, The Yok, and Ricky Afdi.

You will see most of their art in murals, surfboards, and signs. The diverse artistic styles of these artists make up the street art community in Canggu Bali, Indonesia.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand, is known for its incredible temples. Once you visit the town, you may not want to go home at all. Thailand has a great culture, the friendliest people, delightful food, and a vibrant way of living.

The street arts in Chiang Mai have different styles that vary from each section of the city. They take street arts as a decoration to their streets and empty buildings.

You can see those stunning street arts in Nimman, Old Town, Western and Eastern parts of Chiang Mai.

Different local and international artists like Alex Face, Sanchai, Mauy, and more collaborated to give the city the best street arts that you can find in Thailand.

You will not only see street arts but also other art styles in street lamps and wood carving in houses. You can see historic temples, fortress walls, and old roads that blend well with modern street arts.

So if you are into history and arts, Chiang Mai is the best city to visit in Thailand.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand, is known for its beautiful beaches and notable temples. What most people do not know is that Phuket also boasts its intricate walls and street arts.

The street art styles in Phuket vary from gigantic pieces to interactive ones. You can see most of the colorful masterpieces in Old Town. Both local and international artists create the street arts.

Some of the renowned artists are Alex Face, Rakkit Kuanhavej, 4Studio, and Mue Bon. The Street arts in Phuket were not recognized before. But due to the establishments of indie shops and cafes, tourists flock to the area.

 And that gave way to the discovery of the stunning street arts Thailand. So, if you are in Thailand or have plans to visit Thailand, you might as well go to Old Town in Phuket.

Delhi, India

Delhi, which is the vibrant capital of India, is not behind the art trends. Like other countries, they also pride their style in street arts.

Khirki Village is one of the first areas that start displaying the vibrant street arts. But you can also find the best street arts in Lodhi Colony, where Lodhi Art District is based. It is the first open-air art museum in India which St+ART India organizes.

Street arts in India is one thing that you should see for your eyes. They use street arts not only to beautify the area. But they also use it to spread awareness and social messages to the public.

Some of the artworks in Delhi are from Hauz Khas, Shahpur Jat, Tihar Jail, and many other street artists. You can also see masterpieces by Aaron Li-Hill, a Canadian artist.

So if you want to witness the vibrant street arts in India, go to Delhi, where the best art pieces are situated.

Penang, Malaysia

Among countries in Asia, Penang in Malaysia is the center of the best collection of street arts. That is why Malaysia is a go-to destination for street art fanatics.

The most famous street art in Penang is the work of Ernest Zacharevic. He was further chosen to transform the streets in Georgetown into an outdoor art gallery.

The styles for street arts portray the life of Malaysians. The most famous works of Zacharevic is the “Boy and Girl on a Bike.” Tourists and art enthusiasts go to take a photo of its beauty.

Another street art that captured people’s attention is the purple mural created by Jim Oo Chun Hee and John Cheng.

This artwork is in the corner of Lorong Soon Hong and Lebuh Armenian Streets. The murals help foreigners learn the Hokkien dialect.

If you go to Malaysia, do not forget to go to the most famous streets. It is where you can learn Malaysia’s way of living and their language.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul in South Korea is one of the top destinations since the rise of K-pop. Tourists usually travel to Seoul to get a glimpse of the biggest K-pop companies. Others who are K-drama fanatics visit to see K-drama locations.

Unfortunately, few people know that Seoul is also a hub for art enthusiasts. Aside from Hongdae, Seongsu-dong is also a favorite spot for street arts.

You can see urban arts almost everywhere. You can see them in children’s playgrounds, cafes, boutiques, and shops. 

If you want to see your favorite idols or K-drama filming sites, you can go to Seoul, Korea. But never forget to include seeing their street arts as well.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei in Taiwan is famous for young generations because of its cool, funky, and hip environment. It is not only renowned for its dining and shopping districts but also for its modern street art.

People in Taiwan consider street art as either an art or an act of vandalism. So, to make it more pleasing to the public, they added personalized red bricks. Kids can make their artworks on those bricks, which makes it more interactive.    

As a street art lover, you should probably go sightseeing in the side streets of Taipei.

Kampong Glam, Singapore

Singapore is one of the best go-to destinations for tourists. It is famous for its historic and modern attractions. But aside from good food and good people, tourists, especially art lovers, visit the country for its colorful and authentic urban arts.

Kampong Glam displays street arts by both local and international artists. Some of them are Sheryo, The Yok, Didier Jaba Mathieu, and more. The collection of those masterpieces give the area a hippie and lively atmosphere.

If you plan to see the street arts in Singapore, you can take a street art tour. They will lead you to some hidden sites.

Hongkong, China

Hong Kong, famous for its high rising skyscrapers, is also a spot for fascinating street arts. You can see most of the street arts in Old Town Road, where buildings and walls are painted with vibrant murals.

There are portraits of some iconic people globally, such as Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Charlie Chaplin, along the road.

Tourists not only get mesmerized by Hongkong’s food and attractions. They

go by their sense and style in arts. That is why some artists and art lovers would willfully visit those street arts to get their best photographs.

Istanbul, Turkey

Tourists who have visited Istanbul would prove to you that it is the best place for museums, mosques, and churches.

But as you roam the streets of Istanbul, street arts will get your attention. Some of them are hidden in some narrow roads. So, if you want to discover those hidden gems, do not hesitate to visit those alleyways.

You might witness some urban arts that express solid and positive messages to the public. Most of the street arts are works by Leo Lunatic, Pixel Pancho, and Ruben Sanchez.

Street arts is getting more and more accepted nowadays. Thanks to all those artists who were not afraid to break on the usuals. We should visit their masterpieces that show diversity in each country’s culture.


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