Welcome to the digital world where you can get everything online just in a snap! Groceries are the essentials of our daily life and now you don’t have to wait in a line near casher or stuff you need will not be out of stock etc, getting groceries is hassle-free now as there many online services are ready to assist you with everything. Here is some smart way to get groceries home. 

Amazon UAE

At Amazon UAE there are hundreds of various products at reasonable prices. Amazon UAE provide quality products with their customers without any limitations. It provides everything that a home needs, from kitchen utensils to cooking essentials like pulses, dry fruits, snacks, beverages and many more. Amazon UAE is ultimate destination to get discount on groceries, so shop and redeem savings.


Carrefour is an exclusive brand under this flagship, there are many trusted brands. The primary objective of carrefour is to produce products that meet consumers expectations in terms of quality and price. Products which are under the name of carrefour are examined and tested at a high level of safety suggested in the UAE. They deliver high quality, organic products to the buyers. Get these affordable first-class products using Carrefour promo codes

Fresh to Home

Bring home truly fresh vegetables, meat and seafood from Fresh to home, they ensure that no preservatives are added into the food and cautiously deliver our order. They are flourished all over the UAE and the best part is they supply ready to cook meals too. They guarantee no ammonia in Fish and no antibiotics in meat, they directly get the essentials from the farmers and fishermen for freshness and cleanliness. Get your hands on these fresh veggies and meat using Freshtohome coupon codes

Farm Box

Farm box is the smartest medium to get essentials anytime, you can select a ready-made grocery box or customize it with your preference make your farm box accordingly. An amazing feature is you can skip and cancel the order without any charges. They have these unusual options of repeating the same order on weekly or monthly wise for you to be hassle-free and them to fit into your lifestyle. There are no middlemen so they are directly from the farm to home. 


Cartlow is a great way of getting groceries home effortlessly. The vast variety of items is available on the website which fulfils the home necessities. Select the item you wish for, add them to cart, place an order by adding the address. It’s just that simple to receive the order within a day to your doorstep. Have a happy shopping with Cartlow. 


Eateasy is the easiest and simple way to order groceries home. Choose your essentials from any supermarket near you and Eateasy can get them in hours. Eateasy was primarily a food ordering and delivering service. It recently stepped into the grocery’s delivery serving role by collaborating with all the supermarkets around the major cities of UAE like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.

Lulu Webstore

 Lulu aims to bring all your shopping need under your fingertips. You can browse 100’s of products in different categories and read reviews to choose among the choices. The best features of Lulu Webstore are you can compare the products with various other products, another feature is you can share the products to anybody, every product has the share option. Stay alert and do not miss any of the groceries offers. 


Alosra means ‘family’ in Arabic, that’s the perfect way to explain this store. Alosra is well established in early 1987 with the opening of our first store near the Central Market in Manama, Bahrain. Alosra aim is to give personal shopping experience with a unique mix of local and international premium brands and quality foods to the customer and make part of their extended family. 

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DBSouq is a rapidly growing online grocery shopping service. It makes sure you have a smooth and easy shopping experience; its return and refund policies make it even better. DBSouq has a wide variety of products and fresh vegetables and it values your money and makes sure your purchase is worth the money by its affordable prices and quality of the products. Use DBSouq discount codes and get their offers now. 


Shopinc is one the smart way to get groceries home effortlessly, 

it provides all your needs with the modern and comfortable shopping experience. It aims to offer products which can improve and contribute to your lifestyle, health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness. Shopinc focus more on the customer’s health and fitness, they have yoga and meditation coaches to guide you constantly on your purchase. There will a chart box always ready to help you in all situations and to clear your queries.  If you are a UAE resident, order your groceries in these smart and easiest online groceries stores, who make your lifestyle smarter every day to save your money and time, which are precious. Get your veggies and groceries right at your doorstep today by ordering.