You don’t need to wait for Christmases or birthdays so you can give thanks to the healthcare workers, especially nowadays that the whole world is in the middle of a pandemic. Healthcare workers are the world’s front liners—the first line of defense against the virus and the pandemic. Every single day, they get up and work to get on their jobs and continue serving people. Some healthcare workers that everyone should thank are the doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, caregivers, pharmacists, therapists, and more!

The nature of their job is centered on looking out for people’s health and wellbeing. While they’re doing service for humanity’s welfare, these healthcare workers are often exhausted. Their occupation often drains them physically and mentally, and, sometimes, the demand and pressure are always there. Their jobs also require a high level of compassion and empathy, and, sometimes, it goes without praise and proper recognition.

Whether you’re a friend of a healthcare worker, a patient, or you know someone personally, there’s no better time to show your thoughts and appreciation for the hard work they do than now. To help you choose a perfect gift to make their lives a little easier, here are ten thoughtful gifts you can wrap up for the healthcare workers of your life.

1. New Sets Of Scrubs

New sets of scrubs are always welcome for healthcare workers. You probably know that they need scrubs every single day for their job. To lessen their worries about rebuying scrubs, you can give them Keswi women’s scrubs or those of other brands as a gift.

Scrubs often come in different styles and designs, so make sure you get them something that would go along with their current style. Or, if they can wear any style, then give them something new and fresh. Additionally, make sure the scrubs you buy are well-fitted for their size to guarantee their comfort while wearing them.

2. Hand Cream For Their Skin

It’s common for healthcare workers to have extremely dry skin from repeatedly sanitizing and washing their hands. After all, they’re always required to have clean hands before doing any new transaction or interaction with patients or hospital guests. To ease their dry skin, you can gift them a hand cream to quickly repair the damage caused by frequent sanitizing and hand washing. 

3. Comfy Sneakers

To pair with their scrubs, healthcare workers also wear sneakers. They’re the most practical and ideal footwear for the nature of their job. Especially to nurses, you’d always see them on the move, moving around the hospital, to different rooms, laboratories, and operating rooms, running errands for the doctor. To help give them a boost and comfort, you can wrap them a pair of comfortable sneakers so they’ll have another pair to wear as an alternative. 

4. Water Bottle

Hydration is very important for healthcare workers. As mentioned earlier, their job can be physically and mentally exhausting. So, to keep them moving despite different shifts, help them stay hydrated by giving them their own water bottle. Remember, not all healthcare workers are provided with fancy kitchens, like in corporate offices wherein they can grab snacks and drinks when needed. It may also be ideal if you give them insulated water bottles to keep their drinks hot or cold for a long time.

5. Compression Socks

If you ask a healthcare worker or a nurse if they’ve experienced soreness and pain in their feet after their long, busy hours, they’ll definitely say yes. You can help them alleviate the pain and increase the blood circulation on their feet by giving them a new pair of compression socks! They often come in fun colors so that you can provide them assorted ones, and they’ll just have to pick one color each day. Wouldn’t that be cool?

6. A Smartwatch

Time management is a huge part of a healthcare worker’s job. They also tend to set timers or alarms to help remind themselves about an appointment, medicine or injection time for patients, and more. Thus, it would be a perfect idea to gift them a new smartwatch.

Aside from the alarms, a smartwatch will also help them stay connected to the outside world despite their busy shift. A smartwatch can receive notifications and messages without them constantly checking their phones. A bonus, you can give them a smartwatch that’s waterproof so no matter what happens, it wouldn’t get damaged by any liquid contact.

7. A Weighted Blanket

It’s already understood that being a healthcare worker can be stressful. Plus, they often get extra shifts and graveyard shifts, leading them to be constantly sleep-deprived. To help them improve their sleep, and get the best sleep they deserve, consider giving them a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are known to increase melatonin and decrease cortisol, promoting a more fulfilling and relaxing night of sleep.

8. An Oil Diffuser

In the healthcare worker’s work environment, which can either be hospitals, clinics, or laboratories, the place can be hectic and chaotic. Thus, it might be an excellent idea to help them create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere at home to temporarily forget the chaotic and stressful environment their workplace can be. You may consider giving them an oil diffuser, used with their favorite essential oils, to help them create a soothing aromatic experience. This will be good for their mental health, too, as they’ll be able to meditate, which is a healthy hobby for healthcare workers

9. Food Container

Healthcare workers, such as nurses, like bringing meals to work, which is practical because they don’t always have the luxury to have a one-hour lunch break to eat outside. So, to help them keep their food hot or cold, depending on their preferences, you can give them an insulated food container. You can go for 16-ounce or 21-ounce so they can pack as much food as they want.

10. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sometimes, healthcare workers would need a few minutes for themselves to keep everything together, as well as keep them strong and sane despite the exhausting and demanding work. You can give them a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that they can use to listen to their comfort music during their break, day-off, or commute. Headphones are a great way to disconnect yourself for a short while from the outside world.

Wrapping Up!

To be a healthcare worker isn’t an easy task. When you’re one, you’re expected to invest most of your time, energy, strength, sleep, and even mental health for you to complete some tasks. In simple terms, healthcare workers are among the most hardworking and bravest employees this world can ever have. So, show your appreciation to them and get them one of these things listed above!


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