11 Must-Have Fashion Accessories to Bring on Vacation

You’ve got some much-needed rest and relaxation coming up, so let’s make sure you’re looking your best. We’re gonna spoil the plot for you — these tend to be focused on warm-weather destinations. If you’re hitting the slopes in Switzerland or something, that’s just a whole different class of accessories. Bring your most stylish scarf and stay warm. Otherwise, enjoy this list!

Must-Have Fashion Accessories to Bring on Vacation

1- Everyday Jewelry

You don’t want to bring your whole jewelry box on vacation. At least, we’re assuming you don’t. That just sounds stressful. Anyway, simplify your life by just bringing a couple of pieces of everyday jewelry that are simple enough to match the outfits you’re putting together. This way, you still get to dial up the fashion without worrying about keeping every piece you own accounted for.

2- Stylish Tote

Whatever that means to you, bring a tote bag. Even if it’s that New Yorker tote bag that it felt like everyone had for a minute there several years back. No judgment. The point being, a tote is equal parts fashion and function, keeping all your stuff together while making sure you look like you’ve got all your stuff together. We’re sure you do, but it’s still good to look the part.

3- Clutch or Small Bag

Don’t want to lug a tote around? Maybe you just want something a little more fashionable to bring to a fancy dinner. Whatever the occasion, bring a clutch with you to keep your cards (and cash) together, along with your trusty chapstick.

4. Sunglasses

If you’re packing light, stick with just one pair and call it good. Some simple, casual sunglasses that go with everything are really all you need. However, if you don’t know the meaning of “pack light,” feel free to bring a few pairs. Maybe one in black, one in brown and one fun one. Whatever you want to do, at least one pair is a must.

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5- Hat

Any hat will do. Just something to keep the sun out of your eyes or your hair in check. Bucket hat, dad hat, those wide-brim hats every boho influencer on Instagram has. Really, as long as you like it and it keeps the sun out of your eyes (and keeps you looking good, of course), it fits the bill.

6- Travel Ring

We know you love your ring. We hear you and we get it. Here’s the thing, though — sometimes, it’s got to stay home. If you’re still in the honeymoon phase, that may sound like blasphemy, but hear us out. It’s really easy to damage your ring while traveling, or worse, lose it. What’s worse: going without your trusty ring for a bit or losing it forever? Seems like a simple enough choice in those terms.

Luckily, you don’t have to fill in that tan line on your ring finger just yet. Travel rings are the perfect accessory to swap in place of your wedding or engagement ring. They’re lightweight, require no maintenance and come in lots of fun colors. Best of all, if you lose or damage it, they’re significantly cheaper to replace than your regular ring.

7- Reusable Water Bottle

If you don’t already have a sticker-filled water bottle, now is the time. Yeah, it seems a bit odd to consider a water bottle an accessory, but it might as well be at this point. Once every van life Instagrammer curated the stickers on their Hydro Flasks, the game was changed. Consider this your sign if you’ve been looking for an excuse to pick up a reusable water bottle (or another one).

Also Good to Have

These aren’t all fashion, per se, but they make packing and looking your best significantly easier. They’re like a fashion accessory’s unheralded sidekick, always helping you to stay put together.

8- Packing Cubes

Doesn’t have to be vacuum seal bags if you prefer another organizational system. As long as you’ve got a way to neatly fold and organize clothes, toiletries and other essentials, that’s all that matters. Packing cubes of some sort also just help you avoid wrinkles in your clothes and make your life significantly easier. What’s not to love?

Travel Makeup Kit
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9- Travel Makeup Kit

Don’t bring the whole bathroom cabinet. Get yourself some travel-sized versions of all your essentials. In the internet age, there are probably pre-made versions of these out there if you don’t want to do all the heavy lifting of putting it together yourself. Whatever you do, simplifying this part of your routine is going to save you time and space in your bag, which is always a win.

10- Wrinkle-Proof Clothing Pieces

Are packing cubes just not your thing? Okay, fair enough. If you opt to pick up some wrinkle-proof pieces, that’ll solve that issue as well. Of course, that means investing in new clothes, which is either a pain or a dream, depending on your feelings on the matter. For the frequent traveler, these pieces really are worth the investment.

11- Travel Mirror

Yes, we know you have one on your phone. We get it’s just the front-facing camera, but maybe we’re just nostalgic. Plus, your travel mirror never runs out of battery when you’re away from your charger and out of cell range. Is this the most important item on this list? Well, no, no it’s not. Is it one of those things it’s better to have and not need than need and not have? We sure think so.

All these accessories and other pieces aren’t just for a certain aesthetic look. Yes, obviously, they’re for that, too. However, if you have all your travel needs dialed in ahead of time, you save yourself headaches while on vacation, making it easier to live in the moment and enjoy yourself on your time off.


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