England is not just a country full of polite Englishmen strolling around the cities with their hats and cloaks on. It has a lot more to offer than the prestigious Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and London Bridge.

Be with us to discover the breathtaking sites of this culturally rich country. They eagerly await you visit.

1. Stonehenge

It seats 10 minutes away from Salisbury – a city full of history. With around 250 antique pieces to observe, you get the real feel of Stonehenge with the audio-visual effects.

If the Stone Age fascinates you, take a short walk from this wonderfully piled up stones to the Neolithic Houses. Enlighten yourself about the yesteryears and the lifestyle of its people. The volunteers copy and show you their various daily tactics.

You never know, you might get a glimpse of the conduct of your ancestors.

2. Tower of London

Built over a massive area of 18 acres, there is a lot to see in the Tower of London. Make sure you keep an entire day for its visit. The White Tower is its centre of attraction. It has been an abode to the Line of Kings whose shining armors are up for tourists to admire.

From the prison cells to the Crown Jewels, this prestigious heritage in the heart of the country has it all.

3. The Roman Baths and Georgian City of Bath

The beautifully constructed Townhouses and the 2000 year old Roman Baths make visiting Bath worthwhile. The picturesque landmarks of this small city in England have always amazed everyone. You cannot have enough of Bath with just one day in your hand.

4. The British Museum

Be it the Elgin Marbles or the Rosetta Stone, the British Museum is popular to have stored magnificent antiques from across the world. They sum up to a mighty 13 million. Book a guide who could talk you through the little details of these precious collections.

The availability of foods and shops make it convenient for you to wander around this breathtaking museum.

5. York Minster and Historic Yorkshire

If moorlands and the medieval times interest you, then you are sure to fall in love with York Minister. View the churches, shops, timbered houses and the National Railway Museum. Visit this place with your better half and stroll peacefully in the romantic streets, hand in hand.

Find peace of mind in York’s purely natural and serene landscapes.

6. Chester Zoo

This fun zoo in Upton is great for touring with your family. Traverse the penguin pool, Chimpanzee Island and the continent’s biggest tropical home with the zoo’s monorail. This spacious 125-acre zoo shelters around 11,000 animals.

Chester Zoo is not all about its animals only. Its lush green gardens are also worth exploring. 

7. Lake District National Park

Not your ordinary park with benches, swings, slides and see-saws. This exquisite park holds 12 of the biggest rivers of the country. Enjoy the breathtaking sceneries with pleasant boat rides. You may also go up the Scafell Pike if you are truly adventurous and fond of heights.

8. Canterbury Cathedral

This beautiful monument with a powder blue roof has been the abode of Canterbury’s Archbishop, St. Augustine. Take the help of an experienced guide to take you through this wonderful Cathedral and its history. You also have the facility to stay back at the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge.

10. Eden Project

It is an absolute heaven for all the plant lovers out there. The botanical gardens inside the snow-white domes will utterly amaze you. Besides the mellow greeneries, you can also go for fun activities like giant swings and ziplining, upon a one-day stay.

The Eden Project also organizes music and art events to keep the visitors entertained.

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 11. The Cotswolds

Cotswolds is best explored on foot. Walk around the endless roads surrounded with stone houses and tall green tress. It gives you the raw pleasure of visiting a picture perfect countryside.

 11. The National Gallery

When in London, a free visit to the National Gallery is a must. It holds the extraordinary art pieces from famous painters across the world. The pride of its galleries increase with the renowned Raphael’s The Crucifixion,  Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna and Child with St. Anne and John the Baptist, and The Entombment by Michelangelo.

The informative tour is absolutely free of cost.

 12. Warwick Castle

This 900 year old medieval heritage hosts festivals and special events of its time. This lets you relive the medieval times and make your experience one of a kind. Visit the Warwick Castle with your family or friends to increase the fun quotient.

13. Tate Modern

This gallery full of modern, contemporary and popular art collections is namely England’s top tourist attraction. You can admire a vast range of art on various mediums in Tate Modern. A complete view of Thames and the London skyline from the viewing level is a must if you visit this spot.

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 14. Royal Museums Greenwich

This museum preserves a lot many things than just ancient boats and ships. The Old Royal Observatory, Prime Meridian Line and Heap’s Sausage Café should all be in your bucket list.

The National Maritime Museum showcases the Royal Navy. Explore the Greenwich Visitor Centre to unveil maritime history that dates back to 500 years.

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