Are you one of those people who notices all the #wanderlust photos and wishes you could travel too? And the chances you have most likely planned a few trips and visited a few places – and in the end, you’d likely had to get a financial hit to compensate for travel expenses. A study conducted by Forbes found that 74% of Americans go into debt to pay for travel. But you don’t have to compromise your travel dreams anymore if you can select a travel job to support your traveling expenses.

1. Yoga Teacher

Your daily healthy yoga routine with traveling and income. That’s what waiting for yoga teachers across the travel destinations. You can search online for yoga teacher vacancies or can apply your resume to teach yoga in holiday resorts and retreat centers. Or you can simply sign up to sites such as Workaway to find volunteer yoga teacher positions around the world. And some volunteer roles will offer free accommodation with the vacancy.

2. Travel Blogging

If you’re a traveler who enjoys your journeys and as well as appreciates sharing your experiences with people, you should consider travel blogging. You can create a website for your blogs and can share your experiences, the places one must visit, the food one must try, and your travel tips and tricks, etc. It’s maybe your wise tips that may help other inexperienced travelers in some emergencies. You could also write about the climate of the place, culture, how you can find a comfortable stay at a cheap price, the traveling options and all. And if you know how to properly connect your passion for travel with blogging, you can make a serious income from your blogs these days. There are hundreds of hundred travel bloggers out there, so when crafting your blogs include something to stand out from the crowd.

3. Travel Vlogging

You might be a continuous traveler, or who wishes to be one, and love sharing all your adventures with everyone! Maybe it’s not blogging you want, it’s the vlogging you want. Explaining your all adventures in words might seem hard! But in reality, it is! So, why don’t you start a YouTube channel and start vlogging? You can create a good video tour to your home town, places you visit, the people you met, and capture all colors of foods and festivals. Vlogging will give the viewers the visual experience of what is what and inspire them to travel more.

4. Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

A free vacation to your favorite place and free puppy time? Trusted Housesitters solve the problem for you! It may require you to pay a yearly fee of $119 without any additional hidden charges, both pet sitters and pet owners have to pay this yearly fee. With thousands of members from over 140+ countries available in the site, the working of the concept runs smoothly as they connect with pet owners to fellow pet sitters to watch their puppies, cats, horses and other pets. In return, pet sitters get a chance to spend their time with the pets and they can stay at the owner’s house and can enjoy everything that the place has to offer.

5. Graphic Design

If you are a graphic designer, then worry no more, you can trade your valuable skills to afford your dream vacation. There are plenty of online graphic designers working out there. All you have to do is polish your skills and add a great amount of creativity into the mix to make your works valuable and demandable. There are many “digital wanderers” who work as online graphic designers to support their travels.

6. Travel Photographer

The skills of a photographer are like a tree, the more you travel, the more you see new things, the more your skills will develop. Who is a photographer if he/she does not travel? If you are a regular traveler and take photography as a serious passion, you might know all the traveling opportunities behind a travel photographer. There are many online platforms to sell your best pictures, or you can sign up for a travel agency and take travel destination pictures for them! Travel photography grants imagery for a $1 trillion global tourism industry.

7. Social Media Influencer

Travel influencers have changed the whole game for the past few years. If you’re an Instagram addict then you would probably know that there are thousands of social media influencers out there making their income from their travel. People are sharing their travel journeys with the audience in a new level of marketing and there are sponsors who are getting in the queue to get their products and services are to get publicized by them.

8. English Teacher

Online English teaching is another industry that is on the rise for a long time. Not everyone may not know this but experienced professional English teachers are wanted across all over the world. You might need a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, but teaching English is a job career you can start anytime. When it comes to international English tutors Korea and Japan are the countries considered to be the highest paying ones with vast job opportunities.

9. Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse

Nurses with ADN or RN-BSN Nursing Program Certified nurses can become travel nurses. Their assignments will be usually between 8 and 26 weeks and most of the time their travel nursing agency will provide the travel and accommodation expenses. There are RN-BSN Nursing Scholarships and online nursing courses to support their education and career. All you have to do is pack your things and get an assignment to the place you wanted to visit. Travel nursing allows you to take your pet or your loved ones with you! And what do you need more?

10. Dance Teacher

Traveling to your favorite place and can continue your career as a dance teacher… Seems like a lucky pot? Then you’re right! You could sign up for a cruise ship dance performer as you could travel all around the places as the cruise ship goes and you could continue your career as a dancer. Or you could apply to a dance teacher vacancy in your preferred place, and stay there for a while teaching dance before you can look for another destination.

11. Web Design

Behind every good website is a web designer who has taken their work in a serious (or funny) and creative way. Need for good web design and a web designer is not going anywhere soon as almost everyone wants a website for their business. And your inspiration for better designs needs fuel and travel fuels your inspiration. Working in a new place will help you bring fresh outlooks and new ideas.

12. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in a need for this era. There are many job opportunities waiting for virtual assistants as companies and organizations need real-time e-mail correspondence, data entry, answering Skype calls and other responses. There are many online career portals to apply for a vacancy. With your experience and skills in the job, you could make a good income within a few days.

13. Social Media Marketing

If you spend most of your time on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and other applications, why not use it to make money? Most of the time, while focusing on their business work it’s a headache for companies to maintain their online presence through Facebook and Instagram. Taking over their social profile pages and running their ads, posts, and industry news is a perfect job for digital wanderers! All you have to do is make the posts more creative, stand out from competitors and keep up with the current trends.

14. Online Trading

Online Trading

Are you a good trader? If you know the basics of trading then you must know that there are good chances that you can make (and lose too) a lot of money from online trading platforms like Stocks and Forex. In order to make your traveling expenses affordable, you need to learn and study all the trading aspects to win the game!

15. Tour Guide

You may need certifications to start your journey as a tour guide. In more remote areas your service will be more welcomed as tourists are willing to pay for a guide knowing all the importance of the place and also speaking their language. If you’re so addicted to a place and willing to stay there for more than a year or so, then the tour guide is the option you can choose here. You can learn about all the cultural and other importance of the place and can guide other fellow passengers through the place.

16. Organic Farm Worker

Love working on farms and ready to learn how other countries’ agriculture and farming works? Joining World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) offers volunteer workers the opportunity to work and travel secure and safe ways. Usually, there is no payment involved, but you can work in exchange for your food and free accommodation. You can work and travel for a long time without worrying about travel expenses and wasting your savings.

17. Flight Attendant

Glamourous career while traveling! They are experiencing a life of luxury with 90% airline tickets, hotel discounts, jetting around the world and their career in the clouds. That said, some airline companies let you pass discounts to family and specific friends. Being a flight attendant you may not get a chance to pick your location, but it’s one of the best ways to get paid to travel around the world.

18. Telemedicine

Digital influence in the medical industry made it possible to provide healthcare services online, not just travel nursing, you can take your career on the go by working from anywhere. Doctors and nurses can now consult a patient online and prescribe medicine, making visits to the hospitals and clinics less common. It can include psychology, counseling, and other medical jobs. Soliant is a website to support telemedicine careers.

19. International Aid Worker

If your interest is into making a difference while you travel, consider being an aid worker for international organizations such as USAID or Red Cross. You’ll visit countries all over the world who are in need of assistance during natural disasters, wars, poverty, or other health problems. Most of these organizations support your housing and student loan deferment and some may offer a full salary.

20. Game Developer

International Aid Worker

Travel boosts your creativity, and creativity delivers a good game! If you are a game developer with a great passion for traveling, you should consider taking your career with you! Being a freelance game developer you are in need of new ideas, new concepts, and new trend-worthy topics, and traveling to various countries and understanding their culture will give you a plethora of ideas.

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