27 years after his assassination, an American singer gets a star on the Walk of Fame

After a long wait, the American rapper Tupac Shakur , who was killed 27 years ago, received a star on the Walk of Fame and Art in Hollywood for his artistic career, despite its shortness.

In circumstances still mysterious, the hip-hop star, who was no more than twenty-five, was assassinated by gunshots in September 1996 in Las Vegas.

During the tribute ceremony in Los Angeles, the late’s sister said, “He knew in his heart that a great future awaits him,” adding, “I am very honored to be here today to represent the Shakur family.” “Being his younger sister, I have had the privilege of keeping pace with his rise in stature,” she added.

Before his death, Tupac had achieved very important successes and sold more than 75 million copies of his albums “California”, “Changes”, “Dear Mama” and “All Eyes on Me”.

Tupac Shakur, who would be 51 today if he were alive, still has a great place in the world of hip-hop, given the emotional charge of his lyrics.


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