3 Best Subaru Forester Mods for Better Handling and Stability

You’re driving a Forester and you’ve noticed it just doesn’t handle as well as the other blokes’ cars do. Here are a few Subaru Forester mods you can do to your car to increase handling and stability.

The first suspension components most people think to replace are the struts. These assemblies are easy to throw in and come in a wide range of options depending on your needs.

Want your car lowered? Pick a strut with coil-overs or lowering springs. The lowering springs will establish a lower ride height of your car between 1-2”. Coil-overs allow you to adjust the ride height of your car as needed. Coil-overs also give you the option of raising the ride height in case you’re going off-roading in the bush.

The next thing to consider is whether you want a stiff ride where you feel every bump in the cabin as you’re driving or a softer ride where it feels like you’re floating down the road. Firmer rides are more sport-tuned, whereas softer rides are better for comfort. Strut assemblies come with shocks for both purposes.

There’s also an option to choose adjustable shocks which allow you to soften or stiffen your shock absorbers. This way, you can hit the corners hard on track days and keep the wifey happy when you’re out cruising on the weekends.

Another suspension component you can upgrade is the rear sway bar. This improves the handling balance of the car and is a must if you’re taking it out on the track. It’s a simple bolt-on Subaru Forester mod and can be done in the driveway with some basic tools.

Bushings are yet another component you can replace. These connect the frame to the various suspension components. Softer bushings mean a softer, looser ride while polyurethane bushings will stiffen up the ride and help eliminate body roll and pitch as you take the corners.

Any of these Subaru Forester mods will improve your handling and make your ride better no matter where you drive it.


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