As it turns out, simplicity isn’t all that simple. We could all use a little push in trying to simplify our lives to make them easier and clearer. National Simplicity Day, which was inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau, is the push you’ve been waiting for, and this article is here to inspire you to take the first simple step.

Minimize the mess

Decluttering is an art form, and experts such as Marie Kondo teach us different techniques to help us go over the mountains of stuff we own and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. If you’re interested in leading a simple lifestyle, this is probably your first (and most difficult) step. It is also a very rewarding move, and you’ll soon notice that riding yourself of unnecessary objects helps you focus and improves your purchasing habits. Not such a bad deal, right?

Keep your prizes online

If all that decluttering has left you feeling a little empty, and you still want the fun feeling of getting something brand new, switch to online gifts. You can get rewards and prizes playing mobile casino apps that wrap the joy of acquiring new and cool things in an entertaining gaming experience. Spin the slots to find out what you’ve won, without having to make physical room for things soon after you’ve managed to simplify your storage space. That’s how you win the best of both worlds. If you loved Kondo’s method and are looking to keep that Asian vibe, try 88 Fortunes, a casino app that offers an Asian-themed design and a world of fun.

Take it slow

Today’s society is obsessed with productivity hacks and ways to pack your schedule with as many activities and achievements as possible. But it doesn’t have to be that way. On National Simplicity Day, take things slow and focus on one task at a time. Do what truly matter and try your best to reach optimal results without always thinking of the next step. Be in the moment and make it count. This will help you learn what you are most interested in and may also improve the overall feeling of stress and anxiety. After all, taking it one step at a time is as simple as it gets.

Got any other tips for keeping it simple? Share them with us in the comments, it’s super simple!


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