Whether you are a member of military personnel or someone from your family is a veteran, military families are used to living like nomads. They move a lot during the years of service, which often reflects on their homes. When you know you are going to move out in three or four years, then what is the point of investing in interior design if it is only going to make your next relocation more complicated. But still, every home needs a bit of decoration, especially during the holiday season. So, it does not matter if you are renting a place or you are living in military housing, adding some details that are specific to your lifestyle will certainly enhance the space, so let’s check out what you can do.

Wrap Up Your Containers

If you move frequently, you are probably used to having a lot of boxes, big containers, cans, and other stuff that can carry a lot of other things inside. Now it is time to find them a purpose before your next relocation. Find a wrapping paper that matches the style of your home, or spice things up by using different styles. Wrap up all those items, and display them around the house, on the shelves, and you will quickly notice how such a small change makes a big difference. They can also serve as fake gifts under the Christmas tree.

Chalkboard Message Board

We guess it is something related to our school day memories because no matter how old we are, no one can resist to draw or write something on a chalkboard. Use a chalkboard to leave notes to other members of your family and to interact with each other. During the holiday season, you can use it as a Christmas countdown board, or a place to share quotes. Now, if you want to have really beautiful message boards, find an old picture frame, like an antique-looking one. But you can also decorate the frame with your kids, wrap it up with paper, hang some Christmas ornaments, etc. You can use chalkboard paint for the board, but it is easier if you can find a simple chalkboard for kids in a store, and then frame it.

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Military Gallery Wall

As a person who moves a lot, you certainly have a lot of memories with different people in various places, so why not put them all on a wall? What is a better decoration than your own timeline and history? Find a bunch of frames in different sizes and shapes. You can repaint them all in white, black, or gold, to get a more stylish appearance. Once you have inserted the pictures into frames, lay them on the floor and play with the arrangement a bit. It does not have to be symmetrical or chronological. You can also frame your military signs and hang them too. Use sticky wall hooks, so you do not have to leave a damaged wall behind.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Although you may not be in this home next year, it is still your home now, and you should give it a bit of TLC, especially during the holidays. One of the ways to do it, in a military manner, is to use your old signs as Christmas ornaments for the tree. Military green shades go well with red, so include decorations and ornaments in those tones. If you are into DIY projects, you can create one of those wooden Christmas trees and decorate it with ornaments in military colors. And, do not forget to add a flag.

Think Like a Homeowner

This is an important thing if you are renting. You have to treat that home with respect and take care of it as it belongs to you. Because there is nothing worse than leaving damage, it creates a bad image not just about you, but about military personnel in general. Every time you want to do something that may leave permanent changes, consult your homeowners first. Who knows, maybe they will love the idea of repainting the walls or placing new wallpapers in the kitchen. Just ask them if it is okay to do something.

The Bottom Line

We all dream of living in our own home by our rules, but certain professions come with such a lifestyle that just does not allow you to settle. You have to think about the bright sides of it. How many different cities and states have you lived in, how many new interesting people have you met, perhaps that is how you found the love of your life? We never know what the future holds for us, but one day, when you, as a veteran, settle somewhere, you will be grateful for having the opportunity to live like this. Until that day comes, embrace your profession and let it reflect on your home, not just during the holidays.

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