Are you looking for a way to maximize the results you get from your workout? Do you love going to the gym, but hate the way an intense workout can make you feel when you’re finished? 

The way you act before and after fitness activities can a lot to affect how you feel and recover. Slightly altering your workout pre and post-workout routine can do a lot to help you bounce back and feel your best even after your most intense workout sessions. 

If you’re looking for advice on pre and post-workout routines, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you some helpful advice on what you can do to have a better workout.

Before and After Fitness: Tips for a Solid Pre and Post Workout Routine 

It can be hard to focus on the best pre and post-workout routines when you’re trying your best to just make it to the gym. You may be strapped for time, but, luckily, there are some small things you can do to prepare your body to ramp up or wind down from a workout. 

If you have a few minutes to spare before and after your workout, you have more than enough time to follow our tips. Be sure to follow these simple tips if you want to make your workout go even further. 

Get Plenty of Sleep (Before) 

Do you feel like you don’t have enough energy to get through your workout after a long day at work? You may not be feeling tired because of your day, the cause of your lack of energy could be because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

Sleep gives your body time to recover and repair from the physical and mental demands of the day. Going to the gym when you’re awake but behind on sleep could make it difficult to get the most out of your workout. 

Focus on getting more sleep on nights when you know you’re going to be at the gym the day after. When you go to the gym after a full night of sleep, you may find that you’re more energized and can handle your workouts faster.

Hydrate (Before)

Anyone from a doctor to a representative at a medical answering service can tell you how important hydration is for health. Some people see hydration as a part of their regular nutrition routine, but most people don’t think about their water intake until they’re working out. 

Plenty of people hydrate frequently when they’re working out and feeling thirsty. It’s good to stay hydrated when you’re working out, but if you’re really concerned about hydration, you’ll make sure you’re drinking water well ahead of your workout. 

Your body is going to need plenty of water to get through your workout. Trying to get water when you’re actively sweating out fluids can be difficult. 

Taking the time to hydrate before a workout can ensure that you stay hydrated throughout your most intense routines. Make sure you have a glass of water or two before you head to the gym, and feel free to still drink water during your routine.

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Stretch (Before and After)

Your gym teacher wasn’t trying to eat up time when they would tell you to stretch before you started gym class. It’s important to limber up and prepare your body before intense physical activity, and stretching is one of the easiest things you can do to protect your body.

When you stretch your muscles you’re giving your body time to adjust to having to go through a more intense physical activity. Instead of going right into an intense workout, you can give your body time to naturally adjust to having to be more active.

Stretching after a workout can have its own unique benefits. A nice stretch could help improve joint mobility and improve your range of motions. 

Doing a few calming stretches after a workout can also help you relax, and can help wind your body down after some intense physical activity. 

Have a Small Snack (Before or After)

Exercising on a full stomach could make you tired or cause problems with stomach cramps and vomiting, but you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that your stomach should be empty when you workout. 

If you work out on an empty stomach you’re starting off a very physical activity without having any fuel. You may find yourself feeling dizzy or faint during your workout or feel ill when you’re done. 

Consider having a small high protein snack before your workouts like a hard-boiled egg or a handful of almonds. It’ll be more than enough to keep your fueled during your time at the gym, and you won’t have to worry about being too full.

Do you not like the idea of eating before you workout? Consider drinking some protein and calories. Have a protein shake or smoothie before you head to the gym for an extra nutrient boost. 

Having a little extra food after a workout can be helpful for your body as well. You’ve just burned through a lot of fuel, and taking the time to add more nutrients to your body can help you feel healthier.

It’s also important to note that your metabolism could go through a slight boost after your workout. Having a snack or even a nice meal after your workout can help keep that digestive momentum going. 

Improve Your Wellness Today

What you do before and after fitness activities can do a lot to affect your health and wellness. If you take the time to treat your body well with plenty of water, nutritious food, sleep, and stretching, don’t be surprised if you notice that you feel better after an intense workout!

Pre and post-workout routines are important, but they aren’t the only thing you could be doing to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. We have a lot of helpful content related to wellness and fitness on our website. Be sure to browse all of our posts and videos so you can find content that interests you.


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