What next after million dollars cricket bats? 4 million dollars cricket bats. The value of a bat depends on the quality of wood used during its creation and the skill level of the craftsman who created it. What matters most is the wood – the type of wood and where this tree grows.Cricket is the most popular sport all over the world. There are millions of cricket fans out there, and they love to collect memorabilia related to cricket. Cricket bats are the most sought-after items by the general public. There is a connection between the best cricket bats and their favorite cricketers, which leads to the phenomenon of a mass collection of cricket bats by cricketers’ fans. Let’s discuss 4 most expensive cricket bats in the world:

1. Grey Nicolls

The Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket bat is a bat worthy of the legends. This bat was launched in May 2017, and so far, it has been a great success. The bat is made with a great deal of care from 100% English willow wood. It has been designed strategically to provide the player with immense power at the time when they need that most.

The Gray Nicolls Legend cricket bat is one of the most popular UK cricket brands. This online cricket store offers high-performance bats for competitive players of all ages. Based on their popularity, cricket enthusiasts may often wonder what makes this brand different from the many others in the market.

2. Gold version

This is the Gray Nicolls Legend GOLD Australia Version Mcgrath Model Cricket Bat (also known as the 300 models to collectors). Shane Warne used this particular model during the 2005 Ashes to become the only player ever to complete the Ashes hat trick.Great feel and great value. The Legend gold is the most durable of the two legend models making it suitable for all levels and styles. Its thin edges will ensure you get quick ball speeds and more power behind your shots whilst keeping the bat light and manoeuvrable when rotating the bat with a high bat swing.

3. GM player edition

The GM Player Edition Cricket Bat combines the latest Dynamic Balance and Flex Control technology with high-performance CARBONIX technology to create a cricket bat that represents outstanding VALUE for money.It is the most expensive cricket bat in the world. It is called the GM Player Edition Bat, and it has been created by an English company named Gray-Nicolls. The bat costs $80,000.

4. Millichamp& Hall, Salix AJK

Cricket bats have changed quite significantly over the past few decades. The Millichamp& Hall, Salix AJK Cricket Bat, is one of England’s most popular bats because it gives money great value. The main features include a cherry wood design, a lacquered finish, and a traditional willow blade.They produce some of the finest quality cricket bats in India and across the globe. Their cricket equipment is world renown and used by the finest cricketers around the globe.

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