Palm Cove is a sleepy village that is ideally located in the majestic region of Tropical North Queensland. It’s where the calm and crystal blue waters, white sand beaches and rich flora and fauna meet. The Cove is just 25 minutes away from the Cairns Airport so you can get there easily to escape and experience memorable adventures!

Below are only some of the best activities that you can do in Palm Cove:

1. Be one with nature

Tropical North Queensland is home to lush rainforests and national parks. If you’re planning a trip to the wilderness, you might want to consider the Mossman Gorge. This piece of wilderness is around 56,000 hectares and it’s the best gateway to a larger rainforest which is the Daintree National Park.

If you’re not familiar, the Daintree National Park is considered a World Heritage for it is the oldest rainforest on Earth.

While the Mossman Gorge is just a piece of a greater landscape, make no mistake about it. It possesses its own majestic beauty. It’s home to countless walking trails and sights to marvel at. If you’re afraid of the sun, don’t worry. The wide canopies of the rainforest and giant boulders are there to shield you.

You can book a tour with the Back Country Bliss Adventures. One great tour option you can choose is the Mossman Gorge Adventure Day. You’ll be picked up from Palm Cove and taken in a location along the Mossman River. And from there you can kickstart your adventure with a River Drift Snorkeling Tour. It’s a great way to marvel at sceneries and wildlife at the Gorge.

After this, you’ll take lunch and will immerse yourself in a traditional ceremony of the Kuku Yalanji. It’s a smoking ceremony that will drive away the bad spirits. Then a traditional body paint will be applied to you as part of the ceremony

After this ceremony, you will be taken to a guided walk where you’ll get to see parts of the Daintree and some one-of-a kind wildlife animals in Australia

After the day trip, you will safely return to Palm Cove with help of the team of Back Country Bliss Team.

2. From the forest to the seas

If you love fishing, we know a place where you can let loose of your adventurous side. From Palm Cove, you can set sail out to the calm waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

You’ll be jumping off from Cairns Marlin Marina, just a 25-minute drive from Palm Cove. Of course, the fishing experts of the Cairns Reef Fishing team are tagging along so they can show you the way. Whether you’re a newbie or an amateur, you will learn a thing of two from the team.

Along the way, you can already throw your lures into the sea in the hopes of reeling in some Marlin, Tuna and Mackerel. But once you’ve reached your final destination, this is where the fun really begins. You’ll spend your day trying to hook a Coral Trout, Cod, Trevally and Red Emperor’s and other species from the reef.

3. Flavourful experience for foodies

Tropical North Queensland is a haven for foodies. Because of its rich landscapes, it’s not impossible to grow all sorts of crops.

If you’re around the area just to satisfy your taste buds, then a tour of the Bretts Outback Tasting Adventures is your best option. The tour via bus tour will start from Port Douglas, which is just a 40-minute drive from Palm Cove. If you got your own car, feel free to tag along!

The tour has 7 food stops, so prepare yourself for a whole day of flavourful experience. The first stop is at the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. The other stops include the Jacques Family Coffee Plantation, Mount Uncle Distillery, Gallo Dairyland, the Humpy Golden Drop Winery and the Platypus hut.

Each stop will surely tantalise your taste buds for they all offer a great range of food and beverage, that’s truly unique in this region. From tropical fruits to locally crafted spirits, homemade chocolates and so much more.

4. Relax at the Reef House

After all those activities, abusing your legs at the Mossman Gorge, getting your arms ripped while fishing the Great Barrier Reef, and travelling to seven food stops, you’ll most certainly need rest. Not just rest. You’ll need a full-on relaxation and kneading of your muscles to regain your energy.

And there’s no better place but to do it at the Reef House Spa, the award-winning massage service of the best accommodation in Palm Cove: The Reef House. You can loosen up by getting your muscles kneaded by expert masseuses who trained abroad just to give you the best massage spa experience!

If you’re honeymooning with your hubby, their couples massage spa is a must-try. But if you’re just wandering solo, or travelling with the family, they offer a lot of relaxation services for you to choose from. Just book an appointment with them to perfectly cap-off your holiday in Palm Cove!


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