Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and one of the best ways to make our loved one feel more appreciated on this special day is through the love language of “gift giving”. It can range from a small token of wellness gift card to a simple surprise delivery of his favorite meal.

Still pondering about what to give him? Just keep on reading and choose from the list of the most practical and thoughtful gifts we have prepared below. Leave your boyfriend or husband touched when you give him one of these wonderful gifts on Valentine’s Day!

Daily Planner to Help Him Keep Organized

Daily Planner to Help Him Keep Organized

Does he have many tasks to accomplish? Perhaps his week is filled with day after day appointments with clients, or he has multiple deadlines to meet. Help him keep organized and productive with a daily planner!

When picking a paper planner for him, you must consider the cover, the layout, and the size. If he is into something portable and lightweight, you may want to buy a pocket-size planner with a soft cover. A hardbound daily planner should be an option too, as it is durable against daily wear and tear. However, if the content matters most to him, then you can go for a full-paper size planner which offers a detailed hour-by-hour schedule and more spaces to dash off notes and doodles.

Wearable Tech to Match His Every Outfit

Wearable Tech to Match His Every Outfit

Whether he is a watch collector or simply a casual wearer, a tech-savvy timepiece will be a great addition to his existing collection of watches.

Aside from the vintage Pateks and classic Rolexes, you may want to level up his style with the newest and trendiest Apple watch. It is not only known for its great functionalities but with its unique and sleek design as well. And do not forget to surprise him with a new pair of Apple Watch Straps to complete the perfect gift set! With interchangeable bands – he can tailor his watch to match any occasion whether it be board meetings or weddings. You can pick from a classy genuine leather to the versatile stainless steel to the sporty silicone straps

Upgrade his timepiece with the latest technology has to offer.

Shaving Kit to Give Him a More Dapper Look

Shaving Kit to Give Him

Knicks, bumps, and red patches are common facial problems experienced by men. These are not necessarily caused by their skin condition or facial hairs but by the poor shaving tools they utilize.

If your partner is someone who cares about his physical upkeep then you can never go wrong in shopping for a shave kit. So what makes a perfect shaving kit?  A shaving gift set should include a pre-shave oil to prepare his skin for the procedure, a quality razor with sharp yet hypoallergenic steel to protect his skin during the process, an after-shave cream to rehydrate his skin, and a good pair of trimming scissors to create a flawless finish!

Keep him neat and dapper with a shaving a kit.

Perfume to Keep Him Fresh & Clean

Perfume to Keep Him Fresh

Does he love to wear perfume all the time? If your answer is YES then purchasing a fragrance should be added to your listing.   

You can either surprise him with a larger size of the perfume brand he ultimately loves or offer a completely new scent to add variation to his collection. When choosing a new fragrance, you can get a clean and light smell that he can use for every day. The scent favorites of men are a woody-cedar undertone or a combination of lemon zest and woody-vanilla.  Other important factors you must remember are what compliments his personality, what skin type does he have, and what occasions the perfume can be used.

Help him stay fresh and fragrant with the perfect perfume.

Now that you have narrowed down a list of thoughtful and practical gifts for him this upcoming Valentine’s Day – it’s time to do some online shopping!

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