The global population is aging and that means there is a greater call on healthcare services than ever before, especially when you consider how the pandemic has stretched resources. Check out VectorVest for news and information on stocks.

That should mean there are opportunities for some healthcare companies to increase their sales and market share. If you invest in stocks and follow sites such as mywealthandinvestment you might be able to spot some companies that offer the chance for share price growth and the healthcare sector might be a good place to look.

Here are some suggestions to check out. As always, these selections are not meant to be investment advice, but a guide as to which stocks are worth keeping an eye on.

Biotech has a bright future – which could be good news for Vertex Pharmaceuticals

A valid point to make about healthcare stocks is that it is a very broad sector and you can invest in companies that develop drugs, sell medical devices, or provide frontline healthcare services, for instance.

Another growth area is biotech and Vertex Pharmaceuticals shines as a potential star in this area of healthcare.

This company is working on developing drugs that help to treat underlying causes of genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis.

Its newest drug offering is called Trikafta and this is getting investors excited because it could significantly boost the number of patients who could benefit from this latest treatment.

Telehealth services are the key to Teladoc’s fortunes

Teladoc Health is a strong performer in the healthcare sector and it focuses on delivering services to patients remotely via the internet and phone.

What makes this stock pick interesting is that it has recently acquired Livongo Health. This gives it a platform to reach a much wider customer base and its growth prospects could be good for investors, long after the pandemic has ended.

Providing a robotic surgical solution is why Intuitive Surgical should be of interest

Robotics in healthcare is not that new when you consider that Intuitive Surgical first introduced its robotic surgical system way back in 1999.

Seven million procedures later, it is safe to say that this company has established itself in the healthcare sector and still offers plenty of upsides when it comes to stock potential.

Its da Vinci robotic system is well established and as the global population gets older it is highly likely that more people will routinely be put forward for surgical procedures carried out by this robotic surgical solution.

UnitedHealth Group is a steady selection

It is good to have a balanced portfolio with some stocks that offer the potential for steady share price growth without so much risk attached.

UnitedHealth Group fits that bill. It is one of the biggest health insurance companies in the world and it continues to grow. Add in the fact that investors in the business will also receive a regular dividend and it is easy to see why many investors regard this stock as a steady but desirable stock to have amongst their investments.

As you can see, healthcare stocks can be very diverse and offer plenty of potential to investors looking for growth opportunities.

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