There are so many theories about LASIK that have kept so many people from going for their life-changing procedure. It takes a very high level of carelessness for LASIK surgery to go wrong. If you have always been afraid to go for LASIK because of any of the following reasons, you should get up now and start looking for the right doctor.

It takes too long

Know that LASIK is one of the fastest eye correction procedures known. Since it is done on both eyes simultaneously and there is no invasion in the eyes, the procedure takes about 15 to 10minutes. The healing period is also short and can take at least 7 days if other factors are considered. However, keep in mind that how long to recover from LASIK surgery can also be influenced by other factors like quality of care.

It is reversible

Some people fear to go for LASIK because they are afraid that their lousy eye condition will come back after a while. The truth is, LASIK works by altering the eye cells, and this is not a reversible process. That is because, it may involve the killing of other cells and as you know it, once a cell is dead, it’s gone and can only be replaced and not revived.

It is expensive

Because LASIK involves using a unique device that can be fancy does not mean that it costs so much. Note that LASIK is a short procedure that takes no more than 30 minutes. Compared to RLE. LASIK is cheaper. Note that the procedure does not involve any severe invasion of the eyes.

LASIK flaps don’t heal

In the past, when blade LASIK was the only option, this argument would make sense. However, with the introduction of bladeless LASIK that uses laser, flaps heal correctly because there are no deep cuts, and the treatment focuses more on the area that needs to be treated.

You can only get LASIK once

It is good to know that most eye refractive problems are caused due to many things, and age is one of them. That means, after you have had LASIK, your eye problem might resurface after many years. Note that the procedure focuses on the cells of the eyes, which usually regenerate; hence, you can go for another LASIK.

Cannot repair reading vision

It’s good to know that when it comes to the reading view, not all refractive repair procedures have been able to repair reading damage. Unless you already have presbyopia before LASIK, the procedure will restore your reading vision.

Anyone can go for LASIK

Know that LASIK is not advisable for people who have immune disorders. That is because LASIK reduces the general cell count of the body by killing cells during the repair process.


Depending on where you are living and who you are consulting, you will realize that things like price and quality of LASIK will defer. However, the most important thing is to get your facts right before heading out to search for LASIK surgery.