Marketing budgets in the U.S. are larger than ever.

Indeed, businesses were expected to spend over $150 billion on digital marketing alone this year!

Such crazy sums of cash put pressure on marketers to perform. They have to get their products in front of the right people at the right time in order to see an adequate ROI.

Looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and succeed in saturated markets?

Read on for 5 attention grabbing marketing ideas to try this year.

1. Be Big and Different at Venues

Set up stalls at lots of trade shows?

The set up of your booth can make a mighty attention grabbing difference. When everyone else looks the same, go above and beyond to make yours stand out.

Be big, be bold, and be different. For instance, you could install an enormous (and somehow brand-related) prop, or use engaging digital signage. Whatever you do, try to shock out people of their tradeshow-induced reveries!

2. Avoid Generic Ads

The rise of the digital era has opened doors to more relevant, targeted ads.

And that’s good news because the generic stuff no longer works! Ads must be personalized to your audience to get their attention.

You’ll never appeal to everybody in your target audience with one over-arching/generic ad. Try leveraging the ability to segment your audience with display ads instead.

Creating ads with relevant content for specific sections of your audience (e.g. women, men, adults, teenagers…) will deliver greater returns.

3. Manipulate Emotions

Play on peoples’ emotions and you can expect them to engage with the ad.

Keep the basic emotions (happiness, surprise, disgust, sadness, and anger) in mind when creating your adverts. The clicks and shares are sure to come.

Pushing peoples’ buttons like this is helpful regardless of the specific type of ad. Whether you’re after banner design inspirations or Facebook ad copy, taking the emotional tack is sure to get results.

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4. Use Humor

Everybody loves a good laugh.

Which makes humor another quality attention grabbing tool to try in your advertising.

Of course, senses of humor vary hugely between demographics! Middle-aged wealthy men are unlikely to find the same things funny as young teenage girls. Keep any jokes on-brand and with your audience in mind.

Try experimenting with different tag lines and copy to see what evokes the best response. Only when you know what your audience finds funny should you launch the final campaign.  

5. Offer Discounts and Promotions

A quick on to finish:

Everybody loves a bargain!

Which makes sales and promotions another quality way to get peoples’ attention. Offering slashed prices is sure to drive engagement and sales.

Once again, though, it pays (literally) to test the exact offers that work best for your audience. Experiment with different promotions to see what delivers the best ROI.

Try These Attention Grabbing Marketing Ideas!

Marketers are under constant pressure to generate leads for a business.

If they fail, then they can squander the huge sums of money that get allocated to marketing budgets. Needless to say, finding attention grabbing marketing ideas is crucial to success.

Hopefully, this post will help you do exactly that.Want to read more articles like this one? Search ‘marketing’ on the website now.


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