The number of COVID-19 positive cases globally now stands at a whopping 6.2 million. With a death toll of over 375,000 in less than six months, the world is now bracing for tough times ahead in the management of the virus. Second waves of infections currently have as much or even worse health implications on countries that attempted to restate normalcy.

With such realities in mind, adhering to the proposed safety guidelines is vital. Face masks remain a critical component in the fight against the Coronavirus. While there has been raging debate on the benefits of face masks, it’s important to underscore this virus’s lethal nature.

Texans need to appreciate that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Wearing a face mask might be the first step towards flattening the curve. 

The Benefits of Face Masks 

After numerous studies over the last six months, scientists have discovered the transmission trends related to Coronavirus. This research now informs the suggestions of possible ways of preventing the spread of the virus. Wearing a face mask at all times while in public tops the list of possible preventive measures. 

Here are the main benefits of face masks. 

1. Minimizing the Spread of Coronavirus through Droplets

According to scientific research, the Coronavirus thrives in human droplets. When a person with the virus coughs, sneezes, or talks, this may pose a significant risk to those around them. Anyone who is within 6 feet can acquire the infection if such droplets end up anywhere near the nose and into the lungs. 

This new finding underscores the fears that Coronavirus’s spread at the community level could be due to viral droplets. As Texans, this information should send shock waves given our social nature.  However, all is not lost.

Face masks present an essential benefit in the control of the Coronavirus. As long as you keep your face mask on, it will be unlikely that the virus will spread through coughs, sneezes, or talks in public. If you have been wondering why the government is keen on face masks, then this forms part of the reasons.

Face masks can help ensure that those with the virus keep the droplets to themselves. This is a sure way of preventing the spread of the virus.

2. Reduce Aerosolized Transmission

WHO confirms that the Coronavirus could be airborne for up to 3 hours. This means that the virus can be above ground for close to an eighth of a day. Our air is no longer safe, even at home.

The challenge with air is that unlike water, it is not easy to treat. While the government may undertake fumigation measures to minimize the risk of viral transmission, you, the populace have a higher duty to yourselves. It would help if you did the right thing.

Wearing a mask at all times when in outdoor settings is the surest way to reduce aerosolized transmissions. As long as you have the right standard of face mask, you stand a better chance of fighting the virus.

The government still suggests that you avoid public places as much as possible. However, when it’s a matter of urgency, having a mask on can help you reduce the risk of aerosolized transmission.

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3. Reduce the Risk of Surface Transmission 

The Coronavirus can survive on plastics and stainless steel for close to three days. You stand the risk of contracting the virus if you touch your nose, mouth, or eyes after contact with such surfaces. Now, the WHO and the CDC recommend the need to wash your hands and sanitize as many times as possible. 

You should also disinfect all counters and surfaces to keep you and your family safe. All these measures should be towards preventing the risk of touching sensitive parts of your face. Face masks also play an essential role in this case. As long as you handle your mask well, you’ll reduce the risk of direct contact to the mouth and the nose.

As humans, we are prone to forget. Simple instructions, such as avoiding touching our faces, may not always apply. As such, you need to have a face mask on at all times to minimize the risk of surface transmission.

4. Stay Complaint 

You probably have heard this already, but it may need some more clarification. Face masks are not a mandatory requirement in public in Texas. However, the larger Texas metropolitan areas recently agreed on specific face-covering compulsory orders.

The new guidelines will affect business owners and customers effectively this month of May. Face masks will henceforth be a mandatory requirement for you to access specific retail shops. The main benefit of wearing face masks is to ensure that you don’t risk the lives of other customers or employees in such stores. 

If you want to remain compliant with these covering guidelines for businesses operating in Texas, then having a mask on is the first step. 

5. Wearing a Mask Models Good behavior

The irony in the current debate regarding masks is that even elected leaders have divided opinion on whether to have masks. According to house speaker Dennis Bonnen, face covers are a simple, cheap, and easy way to fight the virus. Nonetheless, there has been unending back and forth at the legislative level on whether masks are necessary.

Wearing masks as long as you are in public is a show of good behavior. You are confirming that you care about the other person. This is especially so in the wake of concerns about the high number of asymptomatic individuals. 

You might not show any signs of the virus, but you could have it. Imagine the number of people you risk infecting if you fail to exercise due care. If you still wonder if face masks are useful, read more now on the varying opinions around face masks.

Your Safety and That of Others Depends on Self- Discipline

Have you been wondering why wearing a mask matters? You aren’t alone. Many people still disagree on the reasons for wearing a mask.

With the devastating effects of the Coronavirus witnessed this far, it may be unfortunate to gamble with public health. The benefits of face masks have scientific backing considering the research on the mediums of transmission. As such, you need to protect your health and those around you by having a face mask on while in public. You can read on to explore more insightful content.


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