While there are 35% fewer kids who play outdoors today than there were when we were young, this isn’t something that parents should shrug and accept. Studies show that children who spend more time outside aren’t just healthier- they’re more creative and innovative, too. They do better in school and live longer and more fulfilling lives than those who don’t play outdoors do.

To make backyard fun an appealing alternative to video games and TV, though, it’s critical that parents get the right toys to ensure that kids have a good time. Read on to learn five of the best backyard toys for kids so that they can make amazing childhood memories!

1. Sand and Water Tables

There’s nothing quite like heading to the beach on a summer day, but that isn’t always feasible if you live in a landlocked area. Luckily, though, you can bring the best things about beaches to your backyard with a sand and water table!

These toys are a pretty simple concept. They’re basically just child-safe plastic or wood tables that feature one box filled with sand and another filled with water. Your kids can use this table to build sandcastles, stimulate their senses, and draw creative images in the sand.

Additionally, because these tables are big enough to give young kids a lot of space to play, you can get various beach toys for them to play with while engaging. Sand diggers, scoops and sifters, and animal-shaped squirt toys are all fun ways to keep any kid occupied, engaged, and innovative for hours!

2. Child-Safe Trampolines

If you’re like most American adults, you likely have some fond childhood memories of playing on a trampoline. You also probably have matured to the point where you realize that not all trampolines are the safest thing for kids to be bouncing around on.

A Merax trampoline allows kids to make the same fond memories that you have while ensuring that they don’t hurt themselves. These trampolines come in many different sizes, but they all feature an enclosure net that surrounds their entire surface area. The net serves as a safety feature to make sure younger children don’t bounce off of the trampoline and hit the ground. The steel poles that hold the net in place are covered in padding as well, so you don’t need to worry about kids hitting them too hard.

For a little extra fun, every Merax trampoline comes with a safe-play basketball hoop attached to one of its poles. This gets kids playing actively and fosters a love for sports and physical activity. 

3. American Ninja Warrior Zipline

Speaking of being more active and developing a sense of adventure, the American Ninja Warrior zipline is the perfect segue for kids that want to become world travelers and explorers. This zipline connects between two trees (or store-bought poles) within your yard and is made from galvanized steel. There are 50′ or 80′ options to ensure that you can choose a zipline that fits your yard.

You might be concerned about your child’s safety when using this toy, but don’t worry! The steel cord is made to withstand up to 200 lbs without any problems. There is also a safety brake on the zipline that kids can use to stop moving at any time. There’s nothing to worry about and a lot of fun to be had!

4. Ball Pits

The idea of a ball pit likely brings you back to those dirty Chuck E. Cheese ones that you couldn’t be paid enough to go in as an adult. However, having a ball pit at home means that you can clean it as often as you like and that you know everyone who’s playing in it. You don’t need to cringe in disgust if you need to dig your child out of it!

While you can get an inflatable ball pit (that seconds as a moon bounce), you also can make ball pits out of many household objects. A large cardboard box that a piece of furniture came in will work out just fine. If your child is still a toddler, you may even be able to get away with a large laundry basket.

Ball pits are easy to set up and present minimal safety risks. Plus, you can buy plastic balls in bulk offline or from most major toy retailers for really cheap! 

5. Slip N’ Slide

No list of outdoor toys would be complete without the Slip n’ Slide, a slippery water slide that lies flat on the ground. All you need to do is inflate the slide itself and lay it in a safe place. This means making sure that there aren’t any blunt objects like trees at the end of it.

Once that’s done, apply a liberal amount of dish soap to the surface of the slide. You can then squirt some hose water into it and start playing!

Slip n’ Slides are a fun activity that you can take part in alongside your child. They hold people of all sizes, so you won’t break it with your adult weight. This is a great way to have fun with and bond with your kid!

Get Ready for Backyard Fun Today!

While there are many outdoor toys that kids are sure to love, you can’t go wrong with these options. Now that you know the best outdoor toys that your kids can use to have amazing backyard fun, it’s time to learn more ways that you can foster a happier and healthier family. Check out the ‘lifestyle’ tab on our home page for more information about family life and bonding with your loved ones. Here, you’ll find articles about games and activities that your children are sure to love in every season!

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