The benefits of buckwheat honey are known the world over, however, if you plan to use buckwheat honey for its health benefits, it is essential that it is in the same state as it was in the hive. Therefore, it has to be raw buckwheat honey. Heating buckwheat honey (pasteurization) degrades or destroys pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and aromatics.

It has been recommended by Dr. Tasneem Bhatia from the Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine, to take 1 to 2 teaspoons of buckwheat honey every day. “Buckwheat honey should be a part of every winter medicine cabinet,” said Dr. Bhatia “and here is why—it’s high in antioxidants and it has a lot of immune-boosting properties. Ideally, the buckwheat honey has a darker, richer flavor, it’s a little bit like molasses…this particular honey can keep you healthy throughout the winter.”

Buckwheat was a significant crop in the United States until the demand declined in the 1960s. Today, buckwheat is grown in more than 20 states and most of it is grown in Washington, Minnesota, North Dakota, and New York.

If you happen to be in the market for buckwheat honey, organic buckwheat honey, or organic raw buckwheat honey, it is best to do business locally when possible so type the words “organic buckwheat honey” or “organic buckwheat raw honey near me” into your favorite search engine search box.

Do your research and read the reviews since there are many dishonest sellers who purchase bogus honey from foreign countries, repackage it, and peddle it to unwary consumers as “raw buckwheat honey” or “organic raw buckwheat honey”.

However, working your way through the search engine results pages for raw buckwheat honey or organic raw buckwheat honey might be very time-consuming. So, to save you some time and effort, our team of buckwheat honey experts, have narrowed the search down to what they have found to be the:

5 Best Buckwheat Honey Brands

The Mohawk Valley Trading Company

1. The Mohawk Valley Trading Company

Raw Buckwheat Honey from the Mohawk Valley Trading Company is not labeled organic honey, but it is about as organic as you can get from being produced in the United States. All of the pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and aromatics are in the same condition as they were in the hive.

2. Goshen Amish Honey

Goshen Honey Buckwheat Honey is kosher, 100% pure, unprocessed, unheated, unpasteurized, and raw to guarantee that you receive supreme health benefits. This buckwheat honey is produced in the Finger Lake regions of New York, and contains no pesticides, pollutants, preservatives or artificial additives.

3. Sandt’s Honey Company

Floyd Sandt began beekeeping in 1918 with four hives and by 1974 the business was managing over 400 hives. Sandt’s is a family-owned beekeeping business operating in Easton, Pennsylvania and for many years they also supplied beekeeping equipment along with guidance to many local beekeepers. In 1976, Sandt’s Honey Co. gave up its beehives to enlarge the processing and distribution end of the business.

In April 2015, John and Traci’s Torrillo bought the company from Sandt’s and nothing has or will ever change with regards to the honey quality – Sandt’s will continue to deliver the best “Unfiltered Raw Honey – As the Bees Intended

4. Dutch Gold Honey

Dutch Gold Honey origins of can be traced to when Ralph Gamber bought three beehives at a farm sale in 1946.

He intended to renew his childhood interest in bees and hopefully sell some honey to his neighbors in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Ralph and his wife Luella had no idea that this modest acquisition would grow into the largest independent honey packaging business in the USA.

Over the years, technological advancements made it possible for Dutch Gold’s continued growth which is based upon the firm foundation of quality, integrity, and trust. However, what is more important, is the ability to deliver what their customers demand: quality in products and service; integrity in the way they operate; and a mutual feeling of trust.

Dutch Gold Honey offers pick-up service at their Lancaster PA facility: orders must be placed and paid for 10 business days in advance.

5. Winter Park Honey

Winter Park Honey is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to helping bees create the finest honey possible. In 2006 they began selling their honey and hive products to local farmer’s markets, stores, and restaurants. Today, Winter Park Honey can be found in selected Chamberlain’s, Whole Foods, Fresh Markets, and many health foods stores. hey now offer honey and hive products through 3 different related companies:

  • Winter Park Honey – Features gourmet / varietal honey including tupelo honey, orange blossom honey, buckwheat honey, local honey, fireweed honey, palmetto honey, gallberry honey, honeycomb, meadowfoam honey, cinnamon honey, key lime honey, ginger honey, and much more!
  • Local Bee Honey – Their biggest seller featuring local honey for all major cities across the USA.  
  • Wild Florida Honey – Offers honey and hive products from lotions, and soaps to delicious honey made by the bees deep in the Florida jungle.

Winter Park Buckwheat Honey comes from Washington State.

In conclusion:

If you are looking for the Best Buckwheat Honey connect with any one of the businesses listed directly above and you will not be dissatisfied!

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