Cannabidiol, more popularly known by the name CBD, has taken the entire beauty and wellness by storm. Today most of the countries around the world, including the US recognize the wonderful benefits that CBD flower has in store and has made its purchase and use legal, with some minor restrictions.

Owing to the huge demand that the product enjoys among its users, there are innumerable brands that have come up in the world of CBD. For a first time user, choosing among the brands can be quite overwhelming. In fact, even as an expert, it is difficult to determine the difference between the qualities without going for lab testing and the like. 

So how can you be sure that the CBD oil you are buying is of the desired quality? The answer lies in choosing the right brand. When you buy CBD oil or any other CBD product from the reputed brands, you automatically get the guarantee that it has been sourced from organically grown hemp and has been tested to ensure that there is no strain of THC or other harmful chemicals.

To reduce the burden from your shoulders and ease the selection process, here is a list of brands that can trust with closed eyes:

Swiss Extract

Another brand of Swiss origin that has created a lot of buzz in the CBD world with its product range is Swiss Extract. The entire lot of hemp that is used in the making of its products comes from the fertile soil of Switzerland and gives the brand its name. Grown using organic farming techniques, the harvesting process is carried out by hand so that only the best flowers are used. Swiss Extract also pleases the users with the wide and versatile range of products that they offer, right from ones that cater to your own needs as well as that of your pets.


A brand with Swiss origin, Qualicann has made a unique place for itself in the world of CBD owing to its superb quality of products. To keep the quality factor intact, Qualicann goes out of its way to procure hemp that has been grown without a single drop of pesticide. So when they say organic, they actually mean it. The brand has tied up with some reputed CBD stores and is easily available to the users online.


If you are looking for CBD oil that can offer you healing from inside, then Alpinols is just the perfect brand for you. With raw materials that are grown on the slopes of the alpine mountains, this brand shares a close connection with nature. With carefully selected flowers, you can get the fresh smell and taste each time you use their oil, even after months from manufacture.


A brand that has grown out of the passion of four friends who wanted to serve their clients with the best possible products, CBD is a local Swiss brand that grows its own hemp. As the entire raw material comes from the company Greenhouse itself, the freshness of the products remains unparalleled. Even the variety of the products that Blossoms serves is quite impressive and fits into the need of just every CBD user.   

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It is often seen that different users desire to know how to take CBD oil that has different levels of concentration. While some may be getting the desired results with a very mild oil, others may require something stronger. For all such users, Dolocan is the address. With their specialization being CBD oil, they offer quite a vast range in terms of concentration and other such factors. It is often said that when it comes to CBD, there is no one name that fits all. So, try out the product from these brands and see which one among them best fits into your needs. 

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