5 Best Dog Breeds that Suit Everyone


All the dog breeds are pure love. Whatever breed you have, it will love you regardless of your age, size, wealth, beauty, and gender, etc.

But still, you may need to be specific while choosing your next breed. For example, you are a working man and spend most of your time in office and traveling, in such a scenario, you need a lazy breed that does not need to be exercised much and can spend its time peacefully indoors.

Apart from specifications, there are several dog breeds that suit almost all types of people, either they are working or a retiree. Let’s find the 5 Best Dog Breeds that suit anyone.

1: Poodle

The Poodle is one of the best dog breeds around the globe. It is a low-shedding breed that comes in 3 different sizes. It is a highly smart, intelligent, agile, and friendly breed. It instantly senses the mood of its owners and tries to please them. It is highly trainable and with such positive traits, it is an ideal breed for crossbreeding purposes.

So, if you are looking for a breed that embraces you and your family, go for a Poodle. If you need more variety, you can get anyone of the most popular Poodle crosses such as a Bernedoodle (Poodle/Berner cross), Labradoodle (Poodle/Labrador cross), or Shih Poo(Poodle/Shih Tzu cross).

2: Boston Terrier

Also called the ‘American Gentlemen,’ the Boston Terrier is a small-sized American dog breed. It can be recognized by its black and white coat that makes it look like it is wearing a tuxedo. It has a small squared shaped head with round black eyes full of bewilderment and excitement.

The Boston Terriers can grow up to 15-17 inches tall and weigh about 25 pounds. These dogs are generally well-mannered and a constant source of humor for their owners. They are friendly and protective of their humans and make convenient apartment dwellers. Because of having a short nose, the terrier is prone to breathing-related problems leading to low life expectancy.

So, if you want an entertainment package, Boston Terrier is your ideal match.

3: Labrador

The Labrador Retriever, fondly called the ‘Lab,’ is perhaps the most popular dog breed. Found in black, yellow, and even chocolate colors, these fur babies have short but dense water-resistant coats.

The Labrador has big brown and hazel eyes but their real distinguishing feature is its hallmark otter tail. What makes these medium-sized pups so loveable is their loving and loyal temperaments that never disappoint. Labs are not just great dogs for children but also for the blind and autistic because of their obedience and playful composures with their owners. Additionally, labs can be trained as therapy dogs as well.

4: Boxer

Hailing from the German region, the Boxer dogs are comically called the George Clooney of the dog world. This medium-sized dog breed is known for its bright and energetic nature, along with its good looks.

It has a squared shaped jaw, a smooth tight-fitted coat that can be in either fawn, brindled, or even white. As a house pet, it requires high calories diet consisting mainly of animal protein to keep it healthy and energetic. The Boxers also need proper exercise and a whole lot of love.

Boxers are often trained as guide dogs for the blind. They even make excellent police dogs owing to their intelligent and alert nature. The most interesting fact about the Boxer dog is that it can stand on its hind legs just like a real human boxer.

5: French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a tiny dog breed with large bat-like up-right ears. They have square-faced wrinkly faces with a small nose. Although they are short, they have quiet muscular bodies with smooth coats ranging from black to fawn colors.

They are also called ‘clown-dogs’ because of their fun-loving and happy-to-go nature. They are both easy to groom and train with a moderate tendency to bark or howl. They have very high energy but do not require a lot of exercises.

They are caring for children and make good pets for all types of people. However, they are prone to separation anxiety and should not be left on their own for too long at a time.

Wrapping it up:

So, wonderful people, these were the 5 best breeds for you that can become a real soulmate of you and your family. Whatever breed you get, remember to train and socialize it well and train it as your real human child.

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