5 Best Floor Mats For Office Chair


Your office has a sophisticated look with a nice ambiance, a good arrangement of chairs and tables and well-finished flooring. You are afraid that your chairs might leave a lot of dents, scuffs and other marks on your beautifully finished floor. Do you know the best way to protect your floors? The answer lies with floor mats which are more commonly known as chair mats. Chair mats help in protecting your floor from inadvertent spills and scratches and increase the longevity of your floor finish. If you want your office floor to get a regal look, you can also use carpet chair mat. Rolling or sliding your chairs over chair mats, takes 80% less energy than rolling over carpets which will keep you away from back pain and leg sprains.

List of 5 Best Floor Mats for Office Chair

1. Starcounters Office Chair Carpeted Floors Mat

Hands down the numero uno position for the best chair mat goes to Starcounters which can withstand 90,000 loading cycles. This mat is constructed with good polycarbonate material which makes it highly durable. The texture is seamless and so you need not worry about your chair getting stuck or sinking into the mat. It has zero toxic elements and is completely odorless. Starcounters Office Mats are absolute value for money which ensures the longevity of your floor finish without getting disfigured. 

2. Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat 

This carpet chair mat is an enviable deal which provides a firm grip on the floor due to the corrugations on the underside. It is highly durable and can withstand 200,000 loading cycles. It’s very easy and not time consuming to clean and is devoid of any toxic elements. This variation of carpet chair mat has superlative longevity and does not curl, disfigure or crack even after extensive use.

3. Mysuntown Office Chair Hardwood Floor Mat

The wheels of the chairs might destroy the wooden floor of your office over a period of time. With Mysuntown Office Chair Mats, you need not worry about the hardwood floor in your office. This eco-friendly, lip-shaped mat generates very less friction which contributes to the smooth gliding of the chair and prevents accidental slipping. This high-quality mat is durable and can be cleaned easily.

4. Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat

This seamless, transparent mat is best to be put over your expensive carpet flooring which can keep the look of your carpet intact. This polycarbonate chair mat will resist any pressure from your chair and protect the floor without curling, cracking or discoloring. With Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat, you can protect your carpet from the chair castors and avoid leg sprain or backaches.

5. Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat 

When it comes to delivering quality products to keep your floor safe and intact, you can trust Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat to do the job. This chair mat is ideal for gamers and coders who put in long hours in their chairs and are prone to leg sprains. This office chair mat is very conducive for ergonomic gliding. It is a boon for the gamers and coders as it helps them to avoid fatigue and leg sprain, thanks to its firm stability and grip between chair and mat. It is a premium studded polycarbonate chair mat which ensures lifetime durability without incurring any dents or scratches.

This list will guide you in picking up the best for your office which will not only take care of your flooring but also give a classy look to your office space.


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