Who doesn’t love a man who knows how to really rock a beard? Beards are very much in style these days and it is important for all bearded gentlemen to look their best. Beard care is a whole world of its own and can be confusing for the unbearded. Getting the perfect gifts for men with beards can seem daunting so we have compiled a list of beard related gift options.

The Swiss Army Knife of Beard Templates

The Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool

If there is one thing newbie beard owners overlook, it is the importance of a good beard template. After all the work he put in getting his beard grown out, the last thing he wants is to have an uneven shave. The beard template is a wonderful innovation that gives guys that perfect beard shape without having to spend money going to the barber.

This particular beard template offers more than just a guiding shape, though. This template is useful for all different beard styles. In addition it has combs attached to save time if he needs to flatten his beard out. The best part of this beard template is that it includes leveling marks to take away any guess work. If he has never used a template before, this one also comes with a guide showing how to achieve all different styles with this handy little tool.

A Beautiful Shaving Bowl

Handmade Blue Pottery Shaving Bowl

There is nothing quite like a good wet shave. For the bearded man who prefers going this route, a beautiful, functional shaving bowl is the perfect gift. This particular bowl was hand thrown by an artist in Virginia so you get the additional pleasure of knowing you are supporting an independent artisan. This bowl is handcrafted but can take the challenge of day to day use being dishwasher and microwave safe, making cleaning a breeze.

This bowl is also extremely thoughtfully designed for a wet shave. It is the perfect size and shape to sit in his hand. In addition, there is a swirl in the bottom designed to hold the soap puck. Along the inner sides of the bowl are indentations designed to help get a good lather. You can tell the artist put a lot of thought into the design and construction of this piece. If the blue isn’t quite to his liking, there are other colors available from the same artist.

A Quality Beard Oil

Norse Grooming Beard Oil

No one likes an itchy, scratchy beard, least of all the person with the beard! As his beard grows longer, the natural oils on his face need a bit more of a boost to keep the beard moisturized and healthy. There are a lot of beard oils out there ranging in price from just a few dollars to as much as $50, but this option is highly rated without breaking the bank.

This particular choice is unscented which gives him flexibility to decide whether or not he wants to dive into the world of essential oils. He can either use it as is, or put a few drops of his favorite scent in the bottle. This oil has Organic Jojoba and Moroccan argan oil as its base making appropriate for all skin and beard types. Their ingredients are also free of fillers, fragrances, additives, parabens or GMOs and it is animal cruelty-free. This is fantastic choice for the man who wants to look good and do good at the same time.

A Fine Beard Brush to Get the Perfect Look

Kent BRD2 Men’s Beard and Mustache Brush

Men have wanted excellent looking beards for a long time, why not choose a company that has delivered them since 1777? This beard brush is still hand-crafted and is made from 100% pure boar bristles and beechwood. The ergonomic handle comes in both left and right handed designs so it fits well in his hand. The bristles are well suited to most beard lengths and thicknesses though if he needs something for particularly coarse hair you might want to look at other models.

The fact of the matter is that Kent Brushes have been in the game since the 18th century so they really know how to make a quality brush. The price reflects that but it does come in a lovely gift box making that gift giving occasion special. It also comes with a travel bag to keep any product that remains on the brush away from any clothes he is traveling with.

A Straightening Brush to Tame his Tresses

Tame’s Elite Beard Straightener Brush

Unless your guy is naturally blessed with a soft, easily managed beard, he is probably looking for some options to keep his facial hair in check. One option is to straighten his beard to make it more manageable. There are a lot of different ways of doing this from the traditional blow dryer to the intensive and damaging keratin-bond breaking beard relaxing cream treatment. An easier way to go, though, is an electric straightener brush. Tame the Wild is a brand with a wide variety of options but this one is nice for it’s travel case and safety features. It heats up in a minute and insulated bristles to prevent burning. It also has locking control buttons and an LED temperature screen to prevent any unintended errors.

This heat brush also has a negative ion generator which is fantastic for repairing hair and preventing burns. The swivel cord is what really makes this stand out. He will be able to get the perfect look without getting tangled.

Give Him the Gift of a Fantastic Beard

Gifts for men with beards can be daunting for people who have never worried about beard care before. The beauty of a beard related gift is there are a lot of amazing products to choose from and everyone gets to enjoy the resulting looks.