5 Best Golf Irons of 2020


Each year about 33.5 million people head out to the golf course or driving range to home their skills. But all of the practice in the world won’t help if you’re using sub-par equipment.

Check out this list of the best golf irons of 2020 and set yourself up for success.

1. Titleist AP3 718 Iron

You can expect big things from the AP3. Titleist has already proven the AP1 and AP2 are a huge success. The AP3 continues this legacy with greater forgiveness and some seriously explosive power.

This is a game improvement iron and will help you with your off-center hits. It’s pure class and a player’s club with its dependable accuracy.

The Titleist has the classic brand feel. Hidden inside, though, is a hollow body construction to give you maximum speed.

2. Callaway Epic Iron 2018

If you love the latest technology and innovation, then Callaway is the brand for you. Their clubs introduce the latest in effective golf club design. The Epic Iron provides power with its 360 Face Cup Technology that uses Tungsten.

A metal injection mold process is used during creation. This gives you a lovely blend of distance, power, control, and speed. Callaway also lowered the center of gravity to highlight the performance in a positive way.

The tungsten gives this club a unique and dark look that is sure to make a statement.

3. Wilson Staff D300 Iron

The “D” stands for distance, and that’s what you’ll get when you use the Wilson D300 iron. The urethane filled “power holes” and FLX Face Technology are the secret to Wilson’s success.

You’ll love the crisp, satisfying sound made. It’s also pleasant to look at with its shiny clubface and slim definition. The weighted head creates an ideal balance for comfortable use.

4. TaylorMade M1 Iron

TaylorMade created an impressive piece of equipment with the M1; it’s both beautiful and effective. The built-in Face Slot Technology creates plenty of elevation and distance.

The hybrid blade cavity makes it a dream for many handicappers. It also has greater ball speed and forgiveness thanks to all of the technology TaylorMade built-in.

This is the club for you if you want precision accuracy with a lower chance of miss hits.

5. Mizuno MP- 5 Iron

The MP-5 you’ll get something that you can’t with any other top brand. The channel block design helps you deliver that extra punch of power for some serious impact. The channel block system creates a beautiful shape while also shifting the bulk of the mass to the rear side of the club.

Mizuno Golf is known for producing irons that perfectly blend style and functionality. This club continues that reputation with the thicker top adding flare, chrome body, and extra forgiveness thanks to the expertly placed sweet spot.

Purchase Only the Best Golf Irons

If you’re looking to up your golf game this year, then it’s time to upgrade your gear with the best golf irons. These five are an investment in speed, accuracy, and performance.

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