Weight loss has become a universal concern these days with the increasing problems of obesity and overweight among individuals. However, one of the biggest myths ruling the mindset of people is that fat consumption means gaining weight. This is the subtle reason why most of the people refrain from including fats in their diet as a result of the fear of weight gain. Let’s burst this bubble so that you can figure out the truth about misinterpreted information and can actually know some of the magical impacts of fats on the weight loss. The intense research has made clear that the body requires fats, moreover healthy fats in order to function in a proper manner. The natural glow of skin, shine in hair and healthy nails are all results of properly maintained fats consumption. Let’s have a look at some of the healthy fats and understand their useful impact on the body to help you lose weight effectively.

  1. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is considered to be one of the most versatile oils in the account of innumerous health benefits it possesses. Preserving the silkiness in your hair and being an amazing massage oil aren’t the only purposes that coconut oil serves. Experts suggest the use of coconut oil because of its natural composition which constitutes the fatty acids of the medium chain, thus making them easy to be processed by the body. Coconut oil gets digested faster than other fats and this is why you can use it as cooking oil while preparing food on a weight loss diet. Coconut oil is the storehouse of a huge amount of natural saturated fats that help in elevating the level of good cholesterol. It is also known to contain anti-inflammatory antioxidants which help in curing Arthritis. Here’s a bonus tip for you if you want to use coconut oil for cooking –experiment with the amount of oil to be used so that you don’t have issues with the taste of food.
  2. Olive oil: Olive oil can do wonders in helping you reduce your body weight in an effective manner. This is because of the fact that this oil helps in elevating the level of Adiponectin hormone in the body. If you’re wondering how that can be helpful, first understand that this Adiponectin is accountable for weight loss by breaking down body fats. A high level of this hormone in the body ensures a low body weight. Studies have shown that using olive oil for cooking is one of the best health decisions that one can take.
  3. Almond butter: Apart from being highly delicious in taste, almond butter can be extremely helpful in regulating the body weight. Almonds are known to have a composition which allows them to reduce the amount of fat absorption by the body. As a result, it becomes very clear that if your body is absorbing less amount of fat then weight loss is obvious. You can consume almond butter depending on how it suits you and sharpen your memory while shedding those extra kilograms. .
  4. Avocado: Avocados can’t be forgotten while we are talking about some healthy fats here. The presence of oleic acid in avocado helps to keep a check on appetite as a result of which you can lose weight. You should not skip consuming avocado on a daily basis if weight loss is your major concern. Apart from being quite rich in healthy fats, avocados are also known to contain protein and fibers in them. While dealing with the consumption of avocado you should keep in mind that calorie content is quite high in them. This is the reason why daily consumption of one-fourth of a medium-sized avocado is considered to be sufficiently good.
  5. MCT oils: MCT oils clear steal the show when it comes to talking about the healthy oils to reduce weight. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides that are easily digested by the body rather than being stored as body fat. MCT oils help in the production of ketones in the body which are used as an alternative source of energy instead of glucones. These oils also help in the synthesis of LDL in the body which is known to be good cholesterol. Apart from this, MCT oils have a significant impact on the waistline of the person consuming them. If you want to study more about MCT oil and their other aspects, head over to ketovale.com for the detailed information.

Conclusion: In the light of above discussion, it can finally be concluded that now you’re aware of 5 healthy fats that can be helpful in your journey of losing your extra kilograms. Do properly detailed researches before you make any decision about your diet change.  Also, it is recommended to buy these fats from a trusted source only because compromise with the quality just can’t be tolerated.

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