5 Best Mattress Brands to Buy Online

5 Best Mattress Brands to Buy Online

Because there are a lot of factors to consider and options to choose from, picking out the perfect mattress for your bedroom can be overwhelming. 

Aside from the price, the pressure relief, firmness, memory foam, sleep comfort, and coils are among the factors you have to think about. Buying a mattress online is relatively different from buying it in a physical store. In this age of technology, you’ll never go wrong with purchasing your mattress on the internet. With so many brands out there like Matty Mattresses which belong to another list, you will often find it hard to choose one. Well, do not worry as this short guide will help you decide faster

You can save more time from not having to scour one mattress after another and asking a lot of questions to a salesperson. You can just search online, get the mattress that perfectly matches your preferences, and enjoy sleeping every night. Read on to find the best mattress brands you can buy from the internet. 

#1. IKEA

IKEA is known for its basic and affordable furniture. It almost has all the things you need for your home. Thus, it also has been into the online mattress market. There is a wide array of comfortable and low-cost mattresses available. You can buy a mattress for as low as $120 or shell out almost a thousand dollars for one. If you want furniture and foundation add-ons, you can also purchase them from IKEA.

Among the many selections, we picked their Haugsvar memory foam mattress to stand out from other brands mentioned here and as well as the marked down brands. For $399, you can choose between 2 options for its firmness. This is a fraction of the price compared to similar mattresses in the market. If you are particular about coils and pressure relief, this may be a good choice. 

It has pocketed and wrapped coils and numerous layers of foam to relieve pressure. IKEA offers a 1-year trial for the mattresses in case you want to replace your mattress. However, haul-away and white-glove installation are not offered. There is also a limited warranty of 25 years to cover production defects.

#2. Nolah Signature 12

The soft 12-inch king-size bed is comfortable and is an upgraded version of Nolah’s original 10-inch mattress, made of a new material called “air foam”. The air foam technology has perfect thickness and can solve various sleep problems. Unlike many other brands in this category, this mattress can be completely flippable and has a certain degree of firmness to provide a soft or firm feeling, and it can also be wrapped in a cool organic cotton cover. Cooling technology is a new normal in the mattress market and will not trap too much heat for hot sleepers while asleep.

Please visit Nolah’s website to learn more about its product range from signature mattress to adjustable bed frame with massage features and innovative air forming technology.


This mattress brand was introduced in the market in 2016, so it is relatively new. In a span of 2 years, it was able to establish its name in the industry and sell over a hundred thousand mattresses.  Choosing a mattress is not difficult because they only have 1 model, and the prices are below average.

The memory foam of their mattresses is cooling, comfortable and dense. The layers of their memory foam give enough comfort, breathability, and firmness. One thing that separates Nectar from others is its trial period. 

mattresses is cooling

Most companies selling mattresses online offer you to try the mattress for a month before you can have it replaced or returned. During this period, they think that customers have already determined if the bed is compatible with your spine and whole body.

Nectar also offers the same trial period, but you can extend it for another year. All in all, Nectar mattresses are priced fairly, and it offers good guarantee deals. Thus, consider this if you want a cheaper mattress option.


 Puffy is a Mattress Company based in the USA. Puffy rose fast to the spotlight especially when it was featured in the Ellen Degeneres Show. Puffy offers perfection using the best product formulas, compositions, and materials that are 100% made in the USA. Its mattresses are a match to most body types and sizes. This is good if you’re not patient in comparing a lot of mattresses. Its price range suits most people’s budget. The classic and luxury models prove the right amount of support, firmness, pressure relief, and comfort. 

#5.Cocoon by Sealy

This line of mattresses by Sealy was introduced in March of 2016 in the consumer direct market. However, Sealy has been in the mattress industry for a long time. Cocoon mattresses come in two kinds. These are the classic and the chill mattresses.  

The chill mattress is an upgraded version of the classic. It has a layer of comfort which is made of a special material called “phase change.” This means that it helps give you a good night’s sleep. 

For the firmness, Sealy’s mattresses are either firm or soft to match your spinal frame. Compared to the leading mattresses brands, its prices are relatively lower. Their guarantee and limited warranties don’t significantly differ from other brands. There is a trial for 100 days and a limited warranty of 10 years. If you want the mattress exchanged, you can choose the mattress yourself.


Although Casper is not the company that first let consumers experience buying mattresses online, thanks to VC money it literally developed the online mattresses market industry to a billion dollar industry. When people are too lazy to go to a mattress store, they opt to check out Casper online.Initially, Casper only had 1 model. As time went by, it was able to manufacture budget-friendly and fancy mattresses. They’ve also ventured into opening physical stores so that customers can actually feel the material and comfort of Casper mattresses. Thus, they’ve gained more impressive sales. 

They also collaborated with Target to sell its mattresses. If you don’t have any specifics in mind for your mattress, purchasing a Casper mattress is recommended

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