5 Best New Home Design Trends for 2020

5 Best New Home Design Trends for 2020

Whether you’re talking about interior or fashion design, there’s only one constant – and that is the trends change every year. In 2020, the top new home design trends are focusing more on functional improvements and people’s wellbeing. 

Whatever new design you decide on, you can use a self storage solution to departure your old furniture and make the best of new home designs

These design directions are exciting indeed as they’re quite a departure from some trends of previous years. If you’re in the midst of refreshing your interior spaces or are designing for your new home, it’s helpful to know what’s hot in the interior design world so that you have plenty of inspiration to work with.

Check out the rest of this article to learn more about the 5 best new home design trends for 2020.

Versatile Living Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to renovate as a good kitchen renovation can be very rewarding. More owners are designing their kitchens with both appearance and functionality in mind, putting in more thought to how the kitchen ties in with the rest of the house.

A versatile kitchen allows the family to use the kitchen as a living space – to have meals, work and socialise. To achieve this, you can use the kitchen island as a social space. 

Another focus is using cabinets and drawers that complement other furniture. However, if you want to remove all visual clutter, there are custom cabinets that hide your storage spaces away. 

More Curves, Fewer Angles

In 2020, straight lines and sharp angles around the house are being replaced by soft curves. The simple act of adding curves in a bare space instantly gives a room much more warmth and character – and that’s before you’ve even considered decor and decorations!

Since creating arches and circular windows might involve significant renovations, this design is easiest to implement in new homes. However, you can also incorporate rounded furniture and decor to achieve the same effect. 

To first home buyers out there, don’t forget to take advantage of your first home owner’s grant,  and you might want to consider incorporating some curves into the design of your new home.

Metal Cladding

With consumers around the world moving towards innovative and safe materials, more homeowners are choosing metal cladding to protect their property. 

Metals such as steel, zinc, aluminium and copper offer increased durability and are non-combustible. When done right, they also look fantastic and can help to give your home’s exterior an edge of industrial chic.

Metal cladding is also an excellent investment if you live in a bushfire-prone area, but it’s always a good idea to invest in combustion proof material so keep your options open. 

However, be careful when you shop for metal cladding as cheaper products may have a fire-proof metal outer layer but still have a combustible plastic core. 

“Green” Materials & Items

One new home design trend that actually has been steadily gaining steam over the years is the shift towards green materials – not the colour green, the eco-friendly green.

As the concern over our environmental impact and climate change grows, homeowners are including more sustainable materials in their home designs. Top choices are natural wood, recycled textiles and accessories made of natural materials. 

Energy-saving products like high-efficiency LED lightbulbs bulbs and appliances are also great eco-friendly additions to your home. To take it up a notch, you can also install solar panels to harnessing sustainable solar power and a water tank to collect rainwater for home use.


Terrazzo – a once-popular finishing choice – is making a comeback in 2020 in exciting new ways. 

This composite material is a mixture of glass, marble, quartz and granite. While terrazzo application in the past was predominately limited to bathrooms and kitchen countertops, you can expect to see it on more surfaces from kitchen walls to outdoor areas and on all kinds of decor. 

2020 is shaping up to be another exciting year when it comes to cool, interesting and inspiring home design ideas. If you’re looking to design a truly cool and contemporary new home, or are considering a major renovation project, then we hope that you’ve be able to incorporate some (or all) of the trends we’ve mentioned above.

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