IImagine managing your project from one part of the globe, with your team members sitting on the other side of the globe. It becomes challenging for businesses to manage to get everyone on the same page or provide the latest updates related to the projects. This is where collaboration tools come in! 

Collaboration means improved efficiency and productivity, but only if you have the right tools in the first place. If you have been searching for the best online collaborative tools for managing your project or remaining in touch with your remote teams, here is a list of six best options to consider-

Office 365

WWhen it comes to collaboration, Microsoft Office may not be the first platform you think of. However, it now runs as Office 365 cloud-based office suite. Microsoft is going to remain at the heart of businesses. And, its move to Office 365 provides so many advantages. It offers the ability for the teams to collaborate directly. From presentations in PowerPoint and worksheets in Excel web sheet to client reports in the word, you can use Microsoft Office 365 for a variety of tasks. 

Moreover, what makes Microsoft Office 365 more useful is that it is a cloud-hosted platform. Not only can it be used with Windows but also iOS, Android, and Mac.  


Xtensio is a great tool for businesses looking to collaborate with colleagues, customers, and prospects, etc. From sales sheets, agendas, and reports to case studies, you can create everything you need. What’s more, this tool ensures brand consistency with the style guide. You can work under a customized dashboard, branded with your custom URL and company logo.  Besides, Xtensio allows you to copy or merge folios and reuse elements from different projects. Create beautiful, full-screen digital presentations, and share with your team via collaborative channels. You don’t have to worry about data security. All the plans of this collaborative platform include SSL encryption and backup. It also allows you to add password protection to shared links.


Without a doubt, Slack is an amazing collaboration tool used by millions of people around the globe. You can get this incredibly smart platform on mobile, as well as desktop devices. It allows for sending files and direct messages to a single person or a team of employees, and organize conversation into different channels.

Also, you can set the video calling feature to talk to your team on projects or work in-depths, without having to write a message. Though this tool isn’t a replacement for cloud services, you can drag, drop, or share files with your colleagues within Slack.


If you are looking for a collaboration tool to keep track of the work of your employees, Asana is a great platform. Using this, you can make to-do lists, set reminders for deadlines, or send requests to the employees. The team members can also comment or write their feedback within this app.

Organize all your projects in a board format or list, and search to locate the past work quickly. When it comes to getting updates on how your work is progressing, Asana provides an effective way to stay well-organized or facilitate conversations.

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IIf you have searched for online collaboration tools or project management software, you might have come across Trello. Accessible on the web and with mobile apps, it enables you to organize your projects well and work on them with your colleagues. You can work with lists or boards that can be created by teams and tasks. 

In addition, it features several integrations with Google Drive, Slack, etc. You can download Trello for free, but you need to go with premium options to access more features. Within Trello, there is also an option to assign comments to the cards; thus, it offers a good way to give feedback to others.


Much similar to Slack, Ryver is an easy-to-use collaboration platform aiming to give your company an effective means of communication. What makes it a compelling option is you can create as many teams as you want within Ryver. Just like Slack, you can use the platform to initiate a chat with individuals or groups. 


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