If you are looking for the best watch, then you can try Panerai; it has been known for its quality watches because the company started in 1860 in Italy. Panerai watches are the classic ideal watch that you will never get anyway, and you will not regret using it. Below is the list of the best Panerai watches we selected for you.

1. PAM533 Luminor 1950 10 Days GMT

The P.2003 was the first automatic drive entirely designed and fashioned by the office Panerai that is manufactured in the Neuchatel. You will change to a 44mm Luminor 1950 event by a dark dial. It is recommended to invest in a watch winder for automatic types. They are not necessary but they will save you time rewinding or adjusting the time on the watch as it helps to keep the watch going even when not in use. Also, it helps in lubricating the device. SpotTheWatch can help you with a few great options if you decide to get one.

However, you need to check out the complications. It partakes a linear control standby indicator to ration its ten days of the power replacement. Those technical content displayed on the dial by a direct symbol. Another important thing, it has a GMT purpose, PM, and AM that shows on your watch.

This watch useful for setting and synchronizing time. It also completed 256 mechanisms then, 25 pieces of jewelry. Therefore, the P.2003 caliber is of 133/4 lignes in diameter per thinness of 8mm. The modified leather strap and trapezoidal brushed steel buckle. The hesitating weightiness equestrian on ball-bearing, which breezes the mechanisms of the tubs as it rotates in both guidelines.

2. Panerai Radiomir PAM00753

This Panerai timepiece is the best matched as chance wear, that looks humble then effortless beautiful and stylish. It has a stainless-steel case with a brown leather strap. The dial is deep black. The hand-wound is the mechanical watch that reserve power of 72 periods, but around is not a pointer to recap you of the left time.

The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The water volume is 100m, so there is no concern if you fortuitously get rainy, your watch would be non-violent and complete. It has a distance of 42mm, so this strength does not appear your ideal chance to wear if your wrist cracked.

3. Luminor 1950 Carbotech PAM00616

This is unique of the most trusted choices by divers is the Panerai watch as of the submersible choice. It made of carbon tech, material based on carbon fibre, used worldwide. The case also made from the titanium with a hard black coating that makes the watch withstand the high pressure under the great depths.

The structure of the carbon tech designed to enhance both the aesthetics and the performance of the material. The blackened steel hands, partially skeletonized with the vintage coloured luminous filled tips. The reliable and robust, with unrivalled visibility even at the great depths and a uniquely distinctive appearance.

4. Panerai Swiss PAM00524

This wristwatch from the Panerai Luminor variety is the standard official wear piece with Arabic numbers. The structure of the knob is that considered by the Panerai in the late 1930s to safeguard high perceptibility even in lacking illumination situations. It also united Calf Sport black that takes being sewing.

The watch using a fabrication movement, the price is affordable, only marginally higher than the previous version that contains ETA movements. It is an automatic twisted timepiece thru a dark dial by a sub-dial for the seconds. The amplitude remained high in most positions. It has the case of a length of 44mm then water-resistant dimensions of up to 100m. However, this watch would nope hesitation fitting all your costumes as the band, as well as the knob, has a gloomy matte surface the case of the silver.

5. Panerai Goldtech Divers PAM00684

The bezel design is unique and inspired by the 1956 L Egiziano specially designed for the Egyptian Navy. It also has some percentage of the Platinum that has used to prevent the metal from oxidizing. The dial of the watch is quite big and has a diameter of 42mm, including the case.

The model has an integrated black strap and dial black in color. The new Luminor Due Goldtech that takes things to the next level by making use of the case craft from the Goldtech. There are a date indicator and a second indicator at three o’clock and nine o’clock, respectively. This watch also would be the perfect gift for the amateur divers as the water-resistant capacity.


The above are just a few best Panerai watchmaking that has been able to blend in the Italian. They are highly functional and attractive at the same time.


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