5 Best Self Publishing Companies


Publishing a book is much easier today with the help of self-publishing companies. At the same time, you must be selective in choosing the company. Make sure that you get the best self-publishing company that can fill your need as an author. Here, we have the 5 best self-publishing companies you can use to publish your book independently. 

MindStir Media

MindStir Media Publishing is one of the best self-publishing companies in the USA. The founder as well as the owner of the company, J.J. Hebert is a bestselling author. That’s why they know what writers need to publish a book and get income from it. This publishing company gets the number one rate for a self-publishing company by several prestigious websites, including iTech Post, Penny Matters,  BestTechie, and Kev’s Best. Authors are about to work with a self-publishing company with over 12 years of experience. You can find the information about this company at the Independent Book Publishers Associations or IBPA. The Next Generation Indie Book Awards also gave this company the official Gold sponsor. Book lovers can enjoy a lot of books from a variety of genres. They can buy it from over 39.000 wholesalers and retailers in 195 countries. Some books are also available in the libraries. Reputable online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Books A Million, Ingram, and Walmart facilitate authors from this self-publishing company to sell their books. 

Amazon Direct Publishing 

Who doesn’t know Amazon? The owner developed Amazon as an online bookstore before becoming the biggest marketplace. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the way how Amazon loves books. It is a self-publishing company that accepts authors from all genres. Authors can upload their books for free to this online self-publishing platform. The royalty depends on the price of the eBook. You will get 70% if your book is between $2.99 and $9.99. You will get 35% if the price of the book is below $2.99. This company is one of the best self-publishing companies due to the popularity of Amazon and the high percentage of the royalty for the authors. This benefit gives authors a chance to get more readers. Readers also get benefits because they get a variety of eBooks that they may not find from mainstream publishing companies.  

Apple Books 

Apple Books is also the best self-publishing company because of the popularity of Apple. Imagine that two years after Apple released Apple Books in 2010, over 400 million books were downloaded on this platform. This company also helps authors to self-publish their books and go online. Authors can use iBook Author to set up their books and publish them to the readers. You don’t have to pay only to upload your book on Apple Books. The interesting part is that you will get 70% royalty from the book price as your royalty. The point is that this platform offers an easy way to publish a book online and give a high royalty from the sales. Apple is one of the most popular companies. It gives authors a big and wide network to attract more readers and opportunities. 

Barnes & Noble Press 

Barnes & Noble Press belongs to one of the big booksellers. The wide network gives benefits for authors to promote their books. Like the self-publishing companies above, authors from all genres can upload their books for free. They can earn money from the royalty if readers buy the books. Authors who sell their books between $2.99 and $9.99 earn 65% from the sales as their royalties. The authors earn 40% from the sales if they sell their books below $2.99. Another good thing is that this company supports its authors with a marketing campaign service. The idea of this service is to boost book sales. The royalty is not as higher as Amazon or Apple, but it is high enough compared to other self-publishing companies. 


Kobo is another recommended self-publishing company you can use to publish a book. This company also allows you to upload books for free. The royalty depends on the price of the books. You often earn 45% or 70% from the sales. Rakuten Kobo is also a big retailer with a wide network. This company grows significantly year by year. Authors can use an exclusive promotion service with specific requirements.

The point is that you have to know which one of the self-publishing companies gives the services you need. MindStir Media Publishing is at the top of the list because it knows what the author needs. This company has valuable programs to support the quality of the books, writers, and book sales.


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