5 Best Smart Home Gadgets


Your smart phone is not the only smart device available in this world for keeping your life on track and easy. You can have several devices each designed for helping you with daily life issues. 

Home Automation is at the core of all the smart devices, you would need to turn your security cameras, into automatic virtual security camera. 

The most common articles for making your home a smart home is google home and Amazon’s Alexa. Both are the most celebrated ones. 

Buying a smart device is not easy for those who are a little unaware of the new technologies. Especially people like plumbers or technician who are busy in their jobs. 

The very first thing which we people need to do, for purchasing the best articles, is to read reviews. If in case, you do not trust online reviews then try to find people around you who are using those products. 

Before we start let us clear the myth that smart home devices are very expensive, this is wrong, these devices are very affordable, in terms of time and money, moreover most of them are easy to install.   

Buying the most admired product is not the only goal, every buyer must do a need analysis before buying any sort of smart home devices. Because sometimes these devices are not compatible with the existing devices in your house. 

For instance, if you have got any sort of Philips appliance at your house, then they would be best compatible with google home rather than Alexa. 

In this blog, I will only share 5 best smart home gadgets which can ease out the difficulties of your life. 

  1. Amazon echo dot 

Amazon has brought a lot of smart devices to make the things easy and automated. Amazon Eco Dot and Amazon Fire TV Devices gained immense popularity among Music and IPTV cord-cutters. Both devices can be included in your list of smart home gadgets.

If you want to have the best voice quality for commanding your virtual assistant, then it is the best device for you. 

It has got an audio out jack, which will ease your life. You will hear the conversations even if you are not standing near the smart device. Amazon Eco Dot can be paired with your PC, smartphones, and even Fire TV devices to play songs.

Amazon Fire TV has inbuilt Fire OS and it supports all the Android applications. Even it allows to sideload Kodi to get tremendous amount of Movies, Shows, Music, Games, etc. There are lot’s of Kodi Add-ons there to watch videos and play music through Amazon Eco Dot.

  • Google mini nest 

It is very similar to the Amazon echo, but the improved feature is its voice quality and the no internet feature. 

The device can check the physical objects and barriers in between you and the device. This way you won’t be feeling neglected by your devoted device. 

The no internet feature lets you command for certain issues, when there is no internet connection. Imagine would it not be a sort of magic and nearly impossible for you? 

  • Nest Wi-Fi 

When you are talking about smart things what things you must consider? The very fist thing is a strong internet connection which can connect with each smart device in your house. 

You will be surprised to know that this mini nest Wi-Fi, can cover up to 5800ft. So, if you are living in a big house then this device is for you. 

Another thing which is a unique and appealing feature of this device, is the ease of installation. This smart Wi-Fi would not take more than 5 minutes for installation.

  • TP-Link Smart Plug 

If you want to make your home energy system’s self-sufficient then this smart plug can help you. it can be set for various times, or if you want to, it will turn on the Wi-Fi connection according to your location. 

Another amazing feature is its compatibility with both, google assistant and amazon. These plugs are very simple to install, you won’t need to call someone, for fixing them up, 

You only need to follow the manual, lastly, they are highly affordable. 

  • Arlo pro security cameras 

These are wire-free security cameras, you ought not to connect any sort of wires with them, you will simply download an application in your mobile phones for controlling these cameras.

Thy have got the best motion detection feature, which means that whenever someone would cross the front your camera will immediately send you notification. 

So that you may check what is happening in your restricted area. You can have them anywhere you want. For indoors you can place them on some shelves but for outdoor us place them in a bracket which can be ordered separately. 

For a safe home, this is the best option available.


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