Home security has aced up its game in the past few years, from locks with computerized keys to biometric ones. And it has made the security purpose more accessible and handy. Lockibly is a home security firm providing the hacker and burglar-proof smart locks. It also aims at decreasing the headache of carrying keys or relocating it.

But before getting your hand on any product, what do you look at? Its specifications, outlook, and price, right? Then be it tech-gadget or apparel. What after that? You will search for its review in order to get a clear picture of the product.

To lessen the burden, we are here to tell you the five best things about Activa (Lockibly’s Product) and the real-time reviews on the same.

5 Things That You Will Love About The Activa:

1. Two-Way Access

The lock has two-way access, one is through fingerprint, and another is with a mechanical key. It employs the advanced 3D fingerprint sensor, which recognizes the ridges of fingerprints when it touches the surface. So the biometric system used is reliable and 100% secure.

It can store upto 100 fingerprints, so you don’t have to worry about opening the door again and again. You can even share the access temporarily to the people. Get the fingerprints scanned and stored of all the family members & key people.

It also comes with the mechanical key. So you still have the traditional way available. If the battery of the lock is down and you have forgotten to charge it up, don’t worry. The mechanical key won’t let you lock yourself out!

2. 365 Days Battery Life

You don’t have to worry about battery life at all. We all know that digital products run on batteries. It is normal to think what if the battery drains out and I lock myself out? But hey, the product also has a traditional way. We already discussed it in the first point!

Not only Activa, but all the products of lockibly also have 365 days of battery life with daily usage. It uses the 4x AAA battery, which lets it happen. You will get the low battery notification through installed LED light or alarm.

The lock has a quick recognition system and has 99.99% accuracy. It’s one motion unlock system that lets you unlock and open the door simultaneously.

3. Auto-Lock Feature

The auto-lock is another feature drawing towards it. Ever been in a situation where you have to think twice whether you have locked the door or not? Especially when someone asks. Even if you had locked the door, a doubt would always linger. And with that comes a load of hypothetical situations creating its space.

But the auto-lock feature of lockibly locks won’t give you a chance to have a second thought about it. As soon as you close the door, it will be auto-locked after 3 seconds. So after that, you will have to access it through biometrics or a key.

Auto Lock Features

4. Easy Installation

The high tech security needs similar installation too. But this is not the case here. We have always seen, learned, and experienced that all the high-class protection needs professionals be it lock or bodyguard.

But Lockibly locks are providing hi-tech safety within a few minutes and without having the need of a handyman. Installing the lock doesn’t require any wiring or drilling. Take a screwdriver and start you with fixing it on the door, but after reading the manual. Yes! It can be self-installed.

5. Compatible With Any Door Type

Changing a lock is not a headache, but finding the one that is compatible with your door is! The home security firm has covered you up here as well. It is compatible with any door, be it left-handed or right.

Plus, it can replace the most standard door locks as well. The lock has amazing weather resistance properties. It won’t ditch you ever, whether the weather is chilling at -20-degrees for heating at 60-degrees.

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Make Your Home Smart With Lockibly’s Smart Lock

Lockibly Smart Lock

From having a simple and sleek product outlook to giving out perfect protection, Activa is what you need at your place. Get this one and protect your loved ones and be worry-free. And it is perfect for its price. To implant a little bit of more confidence and to put you at the decision stage, we have attached a few customer reviews on the product that you will find on the www.lockibly.com. Take heed!

Love the new lock! I just bought the newest version of Activa which includes the mechanical lock and key option. This is absolutely great because I wanted to have the option to use my fingerprint or carry a backup key if ever the fingerprint option stops working. However, the lock seems to be very high quality and durable so I’m not afraid of that! Super happy with my purchase.” – Annie

It’s great, I want to buy more!. I just received my Activa and it’s great! I’m one of the lucky ones who got it before it sold out, and boy can I say I’m really glad I got it! It took me 20 minutes to install and was able to set it up a couple minutes later to use. I’m glad that this smart lock has a semiconductor fingerprint head. This makes it so much better than the optical ones, since it’s able to identify my finger faster and with more accuracy. So far it’s been looking good and working well! I’m hoping it can get back in stock soon so I can get it for my other doors around the house as well” – Camilla M.

Great product, loved it! It is a reasonable, priced smart lock. It was the most accessible door lock mechanism I’ve ever installed. Setting up the interface was also very easy. During testing, it has performed exceptionally well. I am using it on my main front door for better protection, and I’m pleasured to find this product online.” – Alex Cogger

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