Not only is moving to a new home a chaotic experience, but it can also be quite an expensive deal.

But don’t let that deter you – keep in mind that there are certain things that you can do to stay within your budget and not spend excessively when you are moving.

In this article, we will discuss 5 of the best tips and tricks you must keep in mind if you want to be thrifty and not spend more than you need to.

These are simple tips that will help you save money and also male your moving process simpler and hassle-free.

The five best tips to move on a tight budget are –

1. Get rid of stuff you don’t absolutely need.

Use the excuse of moving to declutter your home. When we settle into a space, hoarding and keeping things that we don’t necessarily need becomes a habit. We don’t realize how bad this actually gets, unless we decide to take a step back and evaluate all the belongings we have. You will notice that about 50% of our things in our home, we barely ever use.

Before you begin with the packing festivities, take some time to sort out all your belongings room by room. You can distribute all the belongings in your house into two piles – things you absolutely need and things that you can do without. The pile of things you don’t require can either be donated, or you can even host a little yard sale, giving you an opportunity to make some extra cash on the side as well.

2. Look out for sales on packaging materials.

It is not a surprising cost when you spend on packing boxes and tape. What seems like an unavoidable cost can actually be controlled! When you are moving, the easiest way to pack is to pack all your belongings in cardboard boxes. But buying boxes to fit all your things can be an expensive affair, which is why we suggest people to do a bit of research and see which hardware stores around their area are offering sales and offers, so that you can save some money. You can even check with grocery stores and supermarkets to get some boxes for free! It doesn’t hurt to be a bit smart and thrifty! After all, money saved is money earned!

3. Compare between different packing and moving companies.

Hiring a company to handle your moving needs may seem like an enticing and convenient option, but you need to bear in mind that it is also an expensive choice. While the convenience is great, you must be prepared to spend money. But with that being said, there are many different removal companies that offer budget-friendly services as well. And if peace of mind and no chaos is what you crave, then you can get just that by hiring a great removal company. The best thing to do would be that before you book a mover, spend about a week just looking up removal companies, comparing their rates, checking with friends and family about their contacts and then making an informed decision, please avoid hiring the first removal company that comes your way. That can result in a massive dent in your bank balance.

4. Calculate how much it would cost to do the move by yourself.

While hiring a removal company may ease the moving process, it is not the only way. You too can manage a move by yourself, you will just need more time, patience and planning. If you are on a really tight budget and are wanting to get the move done in the least possible amount of money, then doing it by yourself is the ebay option you have. And you don’t have to be all alone – this is a good time to get your friends and family involved in this and make a whole fun event out of it! The more hands on deck, the quicker the move will be.

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5. Schedule the date of your move smartly.

It has been found that moving between the months of October and April tends to be about 30-40% cheaper than moving during the other months. Each industry has a special season, and during these months, the rates of moving drop significantly, so keep this in mind if you want to save a whole lot of cash. Also, during these months, it is best to move in the middle of the month. The reason for this is because most rent leases roll over to the next month, making the move cheaper. It is also cheaper to move on a weekday, as the prices on the weekends end up being higher than usual.

If you keep these 5 tips in mind, you are surely going to move while saving money. Make sure you plan your move at least two months in advance, so that you avoid any last minute expenditure, which is often a result of last-minute panic.


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