Nobody is born a savvy traveler. Only on-the-road experience can prepare you for everything you should expect (and not expect) when you travel. That’s why we’re here to share a few secrets that all world-travelers live by.

From money saving essentials to tactical tips, there’s all kinds of travel knowledge that could help you plan your trip. It’s natural to make some travel mistakes, but if you want to avoid them as much as possible, check out our five travel tips to make your trip as smooth as possible:

1. Plan Ahead

Plan for any unforeseen inconveniences popping up so that you aren’t caught off guard on your vacation or trip. This may mean that you do some more planning than you’re used to, but preliminary work ahead of time is the key to smooth traveling. Try out travel hacking and researching ways to save money ahead of time!

You may even decide to adjust some aspects of your everyday life to make traveling easier. For example, if you can’t bear the thought of leaving your beloved dog behind while you travel, register your pooch as an emotional service animal at Airports, hotels, and any other new locations will be much more tolerant of a registered service animal in their vicinity.

However, planning ahead also might mean packing a week in advance or booking dinner and entertainment reservations.

2. Take Your Trip During an Off-Season

If you already know that your schedule is flexible, you can save a lot of money by traveling during off-seasons or non-peak months. This comes with the added benefit of less crowded streets and attractions.

The tourist season can differ depending on the destination, but holiday breaks and summer months lead to higher prices for gas, accommodations, and airfare. Early autumn and early months during the year tend to be the best months to travel.

3. At the Airport

Airports are stressful locations for all parties involved. Many travelers are low on both sleep and time while getting to their destinations. Being a little extra vigilant while you’re at the airport can save you some time and stress during your journey.

When getting in line for security (or any other line), try to choose a line behind a business traveler if possible. Business travelers travel light and are almost always in a rush, so they will move fast. They won’t get held up in security because they already know the drill, and you will get to speed through the line right after them.

Never get in line behind a family – it is not their fault, but they take forever. Traveling with kids tends to be having a lot of stuff, and just keep in mind that they will most likely take longer than the average traveler to get through the checkpoints.

4. Where to Find the WIFI

Having WIFI access while abroad is crucial, whether you need to access your travel itinerary, answer a work email, or make a change to a reservation. Regardless of why you need it, it is helpful to know that most cafes and libraries offer free WIFI.

5. Finding the Best Food

A general rule to live by during while traveling is to never settle for an eatery near a tourist attraction or a touristy district. Walk a few blocks in any direction and consider those options to find some popular and delicious restaurants.

If traveling is something your whole family loves to do, it can be challenging to work your budget in accordingly, as well as deal with the logistics of travel coordinating for a group. However, simply being willing to compromise and adjusting your priorities will give your whole family the wiggle room needed to have the perfect vacation for everybody.

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Bottom Line

You might not anticipate any bumps along your journey, but you can always plan for the best trip possible with these five tips. Get ready for the time of your life and a smoother process you can count on!

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