We are definitely living in a digital world and with that comes a whole new generation of technical equipment to replace the old mechanical systems that we used for so many years. Digital touch-screen interfaces are replacing the old push button vending machines and with all new ATM machines that are very high tech, a new breed of logistics is evolving, namely white glove logistics.

Here are just some of the business sectors that need white glove logistics on a regular basis.

  1. Medical & Healthcare – All technical equipment that is found in hospitals and clinics is transported and installed by white glove technicians; one such company is Rhenus High Tech, medical logistics provider that is based in the UK. They offer a wide range of services that include final mile delivery and the full technical installation of a range of medical equipment, which can be more than a little challenging. MRI and CT scanners are a couple of examples of the equipment installed by white glove teams, along with X-Ray machinery that is both bulky and expensive. The technicians are constantly learning about new equipment by attending workshops at manufacturing facilities, which enables them to work with the new equipment.
  2. Banking & Finance – All cash deposit machines and ATMs are the domain of the white glove technician, with teams of specialists that install and repair banking equipment. The team would cover a specific region and would have the contract to install and service all the bank’s equipment. This work demands a high level of security clearance and the technicians must be manufacturer-approved to handle the equipment. Secure communication for stock markets and other trading platforms are also created and managed by the white glove technicians and when governments have video conferences with other governments, these connections are looked after by the same people.
  3. Fitness Equipment – Next time you visit your local gym or fitness center, all that state-of-the-art equipment needs special handling and once installed, the equipment needs calibration and connection to the network. When a new fitness center is being planned, the equipment manufacturer would commission a white glove logistics company to collect and install all of the equipment. Click here for key decisions that can boost your business.
  4. Retail Sector – Retail stores are now beginning to install digital signage and these are installed and maintained by white glove technicians. The huge advertising screens are made up of many small screens that work in unison and this equipment is very complex and requires specialist handling. Touch-screen tills are also under the domain of the white glove and they will soon become the norm, as we move further into the digital age.
  5. Digital & 3D Printing – A booming sector, the digital & 3D printing industry is growing exponentially and this complex equipment requires specialist handling. This includes large digital laser printers, which are fully installed and serviced by leading white glove providers. If you have technical equipment that needs to be installed, search online for a leading white glove logistics company and ask them to quote for your project. It is often the case where a potential customer would like to demo the printer, in which case the white glove team would temporarily install the machine.

The white glove sector is booming and in the coming years, you can expect to see more state-of-the-art equipment being used in many different industries. This would be a great career for someone who is technically minded and the future certainly does look rosy for this relatively new industry.

If you require specialized transportation and installation of technical equipment, search online for a white glove logistics company who would have all the solutions. They offer a wide range of services for many industries and have the technical expertise to carry out the work.

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