Working out every day or every couple of days can be rewarding as well as daunting. Besides the motivation, you need the energy to tear down your muscles and then build them back up with each repetition of lifting weights or other intense workouts.

Post-workout resting is something many exercise gurus insist on. After a workout, especially one that is long or intense, you need to take care of your body. Products made with CBD hemp oil derived from non-GMO industrial hemp is recommended to help inflammation and soreness after working out.

Here are 5 CBD Products that will help your body recover after a particularly grueling workout:

1. Ayurveda

This is an ancient medical treatment developed in India that promotes well-being and good health all over the body. Several companies have taken this formula and created a tincture that will help with the ayurvedic system. With a combination of CBD and THC and several beneficial spices, this “golden milk” can be taken after a workout to help the entire body combat inflammation and return to a normal rhythm. Some of the added spices included, but are not limited to, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, cassia, clove bud, and fennel.

2. Topical Cream

CBD infused creams, lotions, and ointments are one of the best ways to beat inflammation after a particularly tough workout. The cream will go directly to the muscle or joint, through the skin, and not have to be routed through the bloodstream. When you take a capsule or drops of CBD oil, it enters the bloodstream before seeking out the area in need of healing. Lotions, creams, and ornaments go directly to the source of pain.

3. CBD Gummies

If you are like most individuals, you crave something sweet after exercising, a treat for being good to your body. CBD gummies are a delicious treat that will help with a post-workout pain. Most brands of chewable CBD gummies come in 250mg and 500mg and help with reducing inflammation and rebuilding energy after a workout.
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4.  CBD Infused Water

After a workout, even a mild, low-impact workout, you need to rehydrate yourself. With CBD infused water, you are getting the benefits of alkaline water and the CBD. Bottled water is nutrient-rich, with a less acidic value than the water out of a faucet. The CBD helps with inflammation, as well as anti-nausea, which sometimes accompanies grueling workouts.

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5. CBD Drops Infused With Essential Oils

Essential oils can help with both your mood before and after a workout, depending on which oils you choose. For example, CBD oil filled with lavender essential oils can calm your mood and relax your body if used before your workout. Especially before something calming like yoga. CBD combined with lemon, peppermint, and/or ginger can revitalize and uplift you after a workout.

By using different CBD products after a workout, you can minimize your pain and help to reduce the inflammation that follows all different types of workouts. Choose your products carefully and with your body in mind.

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