If you are confused about what gift to buy for your kids, you need to consider getting them creative tech toys that help children in brain development and enhance their learning abilities. These tech gifts will help your child become technologically savvy and prepare them for advanced programming skills needed later in their career.

We have compiled a list of the five best tech gifts from which you can select the one best suited for your kids.

The five best creative tech toys for kids

These are the best tech gifts you can buy: 

1. Edison Robot V2.0 (Age 4+)

Edison Robot

It is one of the best tech toys you can gift, being an excellent tool for teaching educational robotics and equipped with actuators and sensors.

Its features:

  • It is a modular robotics system and works with LEGO-compatible bricks
  •  You get ten free Educational Robotics Lessons Plans that will help you to teach educational robotics to children
  •  It can be programmed with many free software applications, such as Edware, EdBlocks, and EdPy that makes it very easy to teach educational robotics.
  • Edware makes Robot programming simple with its drag and drop graphical icons. Edware is available for operating systems like Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS (iPad)
  •  EdPy is another software that can program Edison. Kids will love EdPy, which makes text programming so easy to learn. It has got features like Autocomplete that provides matching options as soon as you start to type, and Popup Help that is a help box with a description of the code
  •  EdBlocks also uses drag and drop graphical icons that remove the difficulty of programming for kids.

Edison comes with an EdComm cable that enables you to download programs. You also get free to download EdBooks that introduce younger students to educational robotics. The fully illustrated books teach you how to control, program, and build robots. You also get EdMat, an AI size educational robotics activity mat that is free to download.

2. Coding Set PRO – Coding like ABC by Matatalab (Age 4 to 9)

Coding Set PRO

It is a unique tech gift idea that helps kids learn coding by playing with a screenless and word-free educational coding game available for free.

Its features:

  • Kids can use it to create music, program robots, and much more
  • Children can develop their cognitive abilities by learning coding at an early age using their eyes, ears, and hands
  • They can learn to use their imagination using coding blocks
  • By learning the basics of coding at an early stage, they are prepared for advanced programming later in school
  • The kit comes with the MatataBot, a robot car that helps kids develop problem-solving abilities and learn science, technology, mathematics, arts, and engineering 
  • It has a command tower with image recognition
  • It comes with 99 pieces of coding blocks, each having different functions making coding fun and enjoyable
  • It has a control board on which you can place blocks and execute programs using the MatataBot
  • You get a nature map and challenge booklets by which you get from beginner to intermediate levels

3. Merge VR Mobile AR/VR Headset & Holographic Cube Bundle(Age 11+)

Merge VR Mobile

One of the best tech gifts you could give to your kids, it turns your Android or iOS smartphone into an immersive virtual headset with no need for any controller.

Its features:

  • It is very lightweight and soft and has adjustable lenses that can fit any face. You can enjoy many games, virtual reality experiences, and more than 300 apps that are available on the MERGE Miniverse portal
  • You get AR VR goggles, a getting started guide, a lens cleaning cloth, and access to the MERGE membership program
  • You can play, learn, and create in augmented reality, hold and interact with virtual objects
  • Use MERGE cube and explore science, math, anatomy, and more
  • It is the best traveling companion since you do not need extra wires, chargers, or batteries. There are more than 30 available apps and most of them are free

4. mBot Ranger Transformable Stem Educational Robot Kit (age 14+)

mBot Ranger Transformable

This is a wonderful tech toy you can gift your children.

Its features:

  • It contains around 100 mechanical parts and electronic modules
  • Your kids have three pre-set forms they can base their designs on like The land Raider, Dashing Raptor, and the Self-Balancing Nervous Bird
  • It has a powerful Me Auriga Main Board. It has six sensors that make the robots more versatile like the Light sensor, Line follower, Ultrasonic sensor, Gyroscope, Sound sensor, and Temp sensor. These sensors provide the robot with advanced functionalities like avoiding obstacles, maintaining balance, and more
  • It comes with ten extension surfaces that connect more than 40 electronic modules and is compatible with LEGO blocks and the Makeblock platform
  • Kids can learn to program easily with mBot Ranger that supports visual programming. They only have to drag and drop command blocks to create codes     

5. Makerbuino standard kit (A DIY Gaming console – unassembled)

Makerbuino standard

It is one of the best tech gifts you can buy for your kids using which they can make their own game console.

Its features:

  • It is an excellent tool for learning, as well as teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • You can play retro games, make your own game console, learn STEM with interesting tutorials, and more
  • Along with the basic Makerbuino kit, you get the components required to create your game console
  • It is programmed in Arduino IDE, which is the most popular DIY microcontroller platforms
  • It is open-source and can be tailor-made with extra hardware parts and custom casings
  • You only require basic tools and equipment like normal soldering iron, diagonal cutter pliers, insulating tape, or a screwdriver
  • It is compatible with various all Arduino UNO software libraries and other Arduino hardware and software components
  • It is compatible with Gamebuino’s collection of open-source games and programming library
  • You get a detailed guide with pictures, and all parts are large, making it easy to solder them by hand

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Your children will love these amazing kid-friendly tech toys that make coding fun and easy for them. It will help stimulate their brains and keep them busy in creative ways, besides developing their programming skills and problem-solving abilities.

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