If you spend a lot of time in your living room, like most of us, you want it to be a space that makes you feel inspired and energized. The ambience should be welcoming and invigorating both for you and your guests. Do you feel that your living room lacks vitality? That feeling of spaciousness, liveliness and glamour that makes an interior stand out is not as difficult to achieve as you think. Here are five décor elements to consider adding to your living room for a refreshing overhaul.

1. A Decorative Mirror

By creating an illusion of depth, a large mirror in your living room can make the place seem bigger and more luminous. Decorative mirrors come in dozens of stylish designs with gorgeous frames so you can choose one that blends in well with the wall paint. For increased effect, make sure your mirror reflects an area you want to highlight. To that end, you can hang some beautiful artwork on the opposite wall.

2. A Mural or Wallpaper

The best thing about murals and wallpapers is how versatile they are. Whether you want your living room design to look classic or modern, playful or sophisticated, the right mural or wallpaper can create the feeling you want easily. If you want to go for a vivid pattern that can transform your living room into a livelier space, cover only one wall; otherwise, the space might look cluttered.

3. A Stylish Fireplace

The fireplace has been the central feature of a home for centuries. A symbol of cosiness, togetherness and comfort, a fireplace brings vibrant energy into a place and can also serve a crucial aesthetic role. Regardless of the style, colour scheme and vibe of your living room, you can find a fireplace that fits the general aesthetic and can even enhance it. For a luxurious touch, have a look at top wall mounted fireplaces, which take up limited space but grab attention immediately.

4. Fresh Flowers and Plants

Adding fresh flowers and plants is the simplest hack that can transform your living room into an interesting space, filled with colour and texture. Moreover, plants and flowers can soften the look of the room by forming a nice contrast with the hard surfaces of the furniture. If you feel there’s a dull area in your living room, placing a plant or a nice flower arrangement there will completely change the ambience. Fresh flowers look chic and can complement any space.

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5. Pendant Lights

According to top interior designers, lighting is a top element that determines the mood of a room. If you sense something is missing in your living room, inspect your lighting situation. Pendant lights have both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Because they provide a downward light, you can choose to place them over a table or other piece of furniture that you want to highlight.

To revitalize your living room and make it a space where you feel at your best, add at least one of the décor elements presented above. You will immediately notice a massive difference in how you relate to the space.


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