For a growing number of home, business and commercial property owners, finding more effective ways to reduce the size of electricity bills and utility costs has become an important concern. Devising an effective strategy for saving energy is one of the most important steps that can be taken towards curbing use and cutting costs. Learning more about the most proven and how to find lower energy rates will provide property owners with the understanding and insight needed to better direct their efforts.

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1. High-efficiency Lighting Fixtures

Those who are lighting their home or commercial property with conventional incandescent light bulbs or even fluorescent fixtures could be needlessly inflating their monthly electric bill. High-efficiency LEDs are able to provide comparable output and performance for a fraction of the energy needed to power a conventional-style bulb. Swapping out and upgrading to more efficient lighting options is a simple and effective way to begin lowering the cost of utility bills and can often be the ideal project for property owners with limited funds or those interested in taking on a more modest project before trying to tackle renovations and upgrades that may be more expensive or larger in scope.

Heating and cooling even a modest home can require significant quantities of electrical power. Attempting to heat or cool environments that experience higher levels of unwanted heat transfer can be a far greater challenge, one that typically places greater strain on HVAC components and climate-control systems. Replacing insulation or investing in curtains, blinds and other options that make it easier to control and manage sunlight exposure can help to ensure more efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling. Even landscaping upgrades that alter the degree of shade or sunlight windows or exterior walls receive could have an impact.

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3. Smarter Climate Control

Relying on outdated heating appliances, AC units or thermostats to maintain a comfortable interior temperature is rarely the most efficient option. Current-generation HVAC equipment and climate control systems utilize a far larger range of features and performance options than their older-model counterparts. A more efficient AC unit, a heat pump that can move air without using a conventional fan or thermostats that are designed to activate the system during off hours when electrical costs are at their lowest can all be a major asset for those who are seeking to reduce their utility costs as much as possible.

4. Finding the Right Utility Provider

Not every utility provider may be able to provide their clients with the best rates, deals or value. Learning more about the energy rates in Alberta can allow home and property owners to take a more active role in determining which utility service can provide the best fit for their needs and budget. Shopping around for a better deal could provide greater opportunity for savings than many clients would anticipate, especially those who have been doing business with a provider who has been unable to offer competitive rates or more affordable service options.

Finding the Right Utility Provider

5. Equipment Maintenance and Appliance Upgrades

Appliances and HVAC equipment that have been allowed to fall into disrepair could be wasting significant quantities of energy. Routine service, basic upkeep and occasional repairs are all essential for keeping home appliances in good working condition. Even equipment that could be restored to a better state or a more efficient working condition may not always be worth the repair cost or service fee. While new appliances may constitute a significant expense, new equipment can go a long way towards providing a more energy-efficient home or business and both purchase and installation costs can be offset over time thanks to lower monthly bills.

Formulating the Best Strategy

While no single energy efficiency may be enough to provide property and homeowners with the quality and level of results that they may be seeking, when enough tactics are incorporated into a larger overall strategy more significant savings can be achieved. For some property owners, heating and cooling costs may be responsible for inflating their utility bills, while others may be better served by investing in a home solar-installation. Property owners who are serious about saving on their electric bill would do well to first assess their situation in order to determine which combination of tactics to employ.

Lower utility costs are possible for those who employ the right energy efficiency tactics. Formulating a strategy is often the best way to begin eliminating energy waste and reducing bills.