The advancements in tech and our always connected lifestyles have led to a rise in a very certain type of remote worker – the digital nomad. The Digital Nomad World defines this group of people as those who travel around the world as they work from their laptops and phones, often through public locations. But this type of work comes with it’s own unique challenges, we’ve put together a list of essentials for those looking to find a footing in the lifestyle.

The Right Laptop

Possibly the most important thing to consider will be the hardware you’re using – whilst your preference in smartphone may not matter, your laptop choice will as there is an important balance to consider. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, you may need more processing power, more battery life, or an even mix of the two for example. Shop around and test the options available to you where possible – the newest Macbook may be appealing and look great on the coffee shop table, but they also come with a higher price tag, and if you rely on it to secure your livelihood during your travels, it may not measure up to your requirements.

Alternative Power And Internet

If you’re moving from location to location, there’s no guarantee that you’ll always have connectivity and power 100% of the time – modern power banks are getting bigger and portable hotspots from either your phone or a different source will always serve as a nice backup – keep these fully once you’re in a position to charge them, and always have them handy just incase.

Tools And Manuals

Alternative Power And Internet
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This is one that cannot be understated enough – carrying round a small set of tools and manuals for the gear you’re using and learning how to fix the gear you have could be invaluable. Whether it be your laptop, camera, or specialized hardware for whichever job it is you’re doing, learning to rely on yourself to solve any issue that pops up is invaluable. This goes for the software side of things too – most issues have a very simple resolution, but if a problem comes up and you have to seek out  somebody else to repair it, it’ll cost you both time and money.

Your Bags And Cases

You’re going to be moving around a lot, carrying a bunch of your essentials – but the goal here should be not to get bogged down. Especially if you’re moving through crowded places like airports, a fast in and out comes as a huge benefit. Your backpack will be your day to day, and you’ll be in and out of it all the time – something comfortable and secure, that can hold enough volume also will be a life saver. Whilst a tote bag draped over the shoulder looks trendy, it isn’t a practical option. The same for any case you take with you – something small and compact, it doesn’t need any bells or whistles, just enough to carry your non-essential items that can fit into an overhead. 

A Positive Attitude

And last but not least – stay positive! You’re seeing new places and experiencing new cultures, you’re living a life that many may be extremely envious of! Keep an open and positive mind, becoming a digital nomad should be a life defining experience and your attitude toward it should be as such!


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